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  1. I have the same problem on my Mac. I've installed the plugins as per the instructions. Restarted everything. Affinity Photo hands the image to the Topaz Plugin (either Sharpen or Denoise) and then nothing works. Alan
  2. Once again, much appreciated Murfee. Everything is working now. I would never have worked all that out without your help. Kind regards, Alan
  3. Hi Murfee, Now I'm struggling to work out how to convert to 16 bit! Are you able to help with that too?
  4. Brilliant. Many thanks Murfee. I hadn't realised that the Nik software had that limitation. It must have been just coincidence that I was looking at 16 bit files on my desktop and 32 bit on my laptop. Thanks again.
  5. Hi, I've successfully installed the Nik Plugins for use with Affinity Photo 1.8.1 on my iMac, but, having followed exactly the same procedure several times, I can't get them to work on my MacBook pro. I can see all the plugins using Filters-Plugins-Nik on the laptop but all but one (HDR Efex Pro 2) are greyed out. For some reason HDR Efex Pro is enabled. I've tried deleting all the paths in Plugin Search Folders and Plugins Support Folders, can confirm there are no blank lines. Closed Affinity. Restarted the computer. Added Applications/Affinity Plugins/DxO and authorised global. I c
  6. Thanks Sean, I've made the change. Will let you know if the problem occurs again. Cheers Alan
  7. Hi, I am a new user of Affinity Photo and would be very impressed other than for one really frustrating bug. The image I am working on frequently simply slides off the canvas leaving one small corner left on display - always on the top left corner. The rest of the canvas is shown with the checkerboard canvas. This behaviour is triggered at any random point of editing - I might be using the brush, or zooming, or pretty much anything. Once the image slides off the canvas, it is impossible to get it back. Nothing works - move tool, zooming, not even resetting the history to the very first step.
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