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  1. Frequently Publisher (version crashes when using the colour picking tool. Steps to reproduce: 1. Select an image in the document 2. select the colour picking tool 3.select the radius (e.g. 65x65) 4. click on the image 5. click on an empty picture frame rectangle
  2. Thanks, that's what I was looking for!
  3. I'ld like to make a textbook that aligns to the guides, give it a border (stroke) and background (fill), and have some margins of the text to the outside. All I can do except the inner margins. So now the text is right against the border, which doesn't look that nice. I can do something like this using paragraph decorations, but then the text is aligned to the guides and the stroke and fill will go outside. Is there a way to make this work in such a way that the stroke and fill will align instead of the text?
  4. When I select a file (location), like for adding an image or in Save as, the favourites section is shown in English. But as I'm not English the favourites have different names as what I'm used to. For example in finder my images are in "Afbeeldingen", but in Publisher this is called "Pictures". Can you please make this show the same folder names as Finder does?
  5. Hi Chris, I downloaded the latest beta version and can no longer reproduce my issues. I guess the first 2 bullits was about not knowing how to, the third issue (filling inside of donut) seems to have been fixed in the new release.
  6. When I create a shape, like with the Donut tool and next add text to that shape: I no longer can change the color of the shape (at least it's not clear to me how) the text has a background color (white) that I can't remove (at least it's not clear how) The transparent inside of the donut is is filled with the donut's background color (no longer transparent) Same happens with the other shapes (except what I say in the 3rd bullit, this only happens with the donut shape)

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