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  1. Loading Fujifilm .RAF file with only default slider positions in the "DEVELOP"-persona gives a nice image as long as staying in the develop-persona, but after development coming in "PHOTO"-persona the image becomes much overexposed. This was OK in the previous Beta version. Included is one of the .RAF's in question. Thanks. DSCF4153.RAF
  2. Hello Chris, Because the test you did with my file didn't give any issue, I did some more tests with the idea that the problem could be in my hardware. After some clicks on the Coarse Histogram icon, I noticed the silence of my laptop ventilator while having slow mouse response and 99% CPU charge. The CPU frequency of my laptop was blocked at about 800 MHz. This was the problem giving the issue I saw. The histogram calculation took a very long time because of this slow CPU speed. Looking for some answers on the internet, I installed ThrottleStop 8.70 from TechPowerUp. So, now the histogram calculation works at turbo speed (3.6 GHz) and gives no more issues as I described. Sorry to think that this was a problem of your excellent software. I now think that this problem has to do with Windows 10 energy management. Please inform your developers that this was a false alarm and that possibly similar problems could be resolved in the same way. Thank you for taking this issue into consideration.
  3. Hello Chris, Thanks for your reply to my question. The issue is happening on a Intel I7-4720 HQ (2.6GHz 4/8 cores/hyperthreads, 3.6GHz Turbo) with NVIDIA GTX 860M. I'm attaching the .afphoto file of one of the images having problems when disabling and re-enabling both live filters and clicking the yellow histogram icon afterward. Overbroek.afphoto
  4. Observed several times a 99% CPU load when opened a 32bit HDR image with 2 live filter layers (vignette and unsharp mask). Mouse pointer moves are very irregular during this problem. CPU load stays at 80-99% even after no more touching Affinity Photo again. After some tests, I remarked: behavior starts after live filters visible/unvisible switching when clicking yellow histogram triangle warning sign. behavior doesn't happen when no histogram visible in Studio behavior doesn't happen with 8bit files Hope this can be solved because sometimes a histogram can be usefull.
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