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  1. Can someone explain in «digestible language» what is the differences between Regular Expression vs Locale Aware Regular Expression we can use in the find/Replace with field. When one should be use and what benefits a user can have to use the other? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I’m looking for a graphic artist who are using Designer professionally for an upcoming live meetup in Montreal. Ideally someone who’s speaking French. Looking for someone that adopted Designer has his main application for creative graphic works. Thanks!
  3. jctremblay

    GREP find/replace

    Adding REGEX support in Publisher is a must... Do it even better than InDesign at least in UI. I suggest you use the same REGEX «flavour» so peoples coming from InDesign will be confortable. Please, don’t do it the way QuarkXpress did it in there latest version QuarkXpress2018.

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