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  1. With the latest beta of Publisher I have a problem when working with a particular file that previously was OK. On opening the file there is a dialogue saying that there is a missing resource file (a particular image in this case) and would I like to look for it. If I say no the file opens normally but crashes immediately on clicking on the page on which the missing image was located. I'm attaching the file in question together with the console log. Any suggestions? I am using Mac OS 10.12.6. Steve ATTWN_programme.afpub log.txt
  2. Steve A

    Crash after missing resource file

    Thanks for looking at this. I'm afraid I don't recall exactly what I did with master page editing. The repaired version, however, is now working for me.
  3. I also have this problem on my iMac. The backspace key adds a space to text instead of deleting. And the delete key deletes the whole text frame
  4. So simple...thank you!
  5. Am I alone in disliking the white text on a black background which is the predominant feature of the UI? This is reminiscent of Pixelmator which I have almost abandoned for the same reason.