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    UI loading very slow

    Hi Chris, it happens only the first time, but it is about 10 secs for every tab. Yes, Fonts are taken directly from Windows fonts directory, I have no font manager. Many thanks and best regards, Jörn
  2. Good to know, thanks! : ) Other users might see it differently, but I think it is terrible to have programs doing things at OS start (without letting the user know), just in case the program could get used later. For me, I may be a little extreme here, this would be a reason not to install and buy a software.
  3. jörn-jören jörensön

    UI loading very slow

    Great product, first of all! 1. On my computer, every time I start up APub it takes about 30 secs to load the UI. 2. More annoying: Opening the "Character", "Paragraph" or "Text Styles" tab for the first time takes up to 10 secs, each. I have about 350 installed fonts. My Specs: Affinity Publisher WIN 10 Home, 64-bit i5-7300HQ 16 GB RAM GTX 1050ti 4GB WIN, Fonts and APub installed on SSD

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