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  1. Hi Lee, I downloaded and installed Affinity Designer 1.7 Beta. Pleased to say that this does NOT display the "The software requires a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card in order to run.." dialog. I also have Affinity Photo installed on my machine. This also works perfectly and does not display the DirectX10 dialog. Oddly - I just re-ran Affinity Designer and it also loaded perfectly without the DirectX10 dialog! Something changed behind the scenes! Perhaps a driver update or the Beta install etc. Andy
  2. I have installed Affinity Designer V1.6.5.135 on a new Windows 10 Pro PC running a new Radeon RX850 graphics card with DirectX12 support. At startup Affinity Designer displays a dialog starting with the following text: Windows Version 10.0.17763. Radeon software version 19.1.1. I assume that there is some problem with Affinity Designer DirectX version detection. Is there a new version of Affinity Designer available which corrects this issue?
  3. Any chance of enabling the Vimeo Player speed controls so we can watch at a slightly faster speed?