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  1. So, I'm starting to test out AP, and read this. Can't watch the video review at the moment. So, the question is, "what is Affinity supposed to beat out initially?" I work at a print shop, come from a newspaper background. At first blush it seemed like AP would be a good match for me for home use. I'd like to know if it can be more, and maybe give me enough reason to stop my Adobe CC subscription in a year or two. We don't do anything I'd consider "advanced" at the shop - we only just started doing variable data imposition in InDesign, but everything else is pretty basic. Sort of your "Do you need Microsoft Office or will Libre Office work" situation. If nothing else: One of our best, highest volume customers uses Microsoft Publisher. I mean, they freakin' standardized on it. We're not going to tell them "no" even though the files are a constant source of irritation and problems ranging from color to bleeds to fonts. I'd like to be able to suggest a good alternative. We've got a few customers who use Pages, Canva, and other things. We want them away from those options the sooner the better. I'd even suggest Microsoft Publisher over these due to the problems they've caused us. I just finished a whole program for a convention using InDesign, and while I don't reasonably expect to import an indd/idml file to AP, I'd like to know if this sort of project is reasonably within the scope of what AP is meant for. I don't need it to be good enough for me to replace Quark and InDesign right now. But, I do want it to be good enough that I can get folks to kick some other products to the curb sooner than later.
  2. Same here. I assume its not fully implemented, but that's something we need in our print shop. We need bleed settings to be like InDesign or Quark: have an all-around bleed and/or per side (top, bottom, inside, outside). I'm looking forward to the first official, post beta release because I *really* want to find one of our best customers a replacement to Microsoft Publisher
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