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  1. Thanks for the in-depth information, quite helpful.
  2. Elisa thanks for your feedback. While I'm not a pro I require those features with my work for non-profits I volunteer for. I'm finding issues that have kept me from pulling the plug on PS/AI as well, but mostly the blending, layers and exporting of workable files to work with teams. I have high hopes for future, just not quite ready for my needs. By the way, your English is quite understandable. Again, thanks! Suzi
  3. I have downloaded and tried to find time to work out the programs (Photo and Designer) on both iMac and iPad - family matters with elderly folks have interfered. I am really excited to returning to the try-outs after I return home in October. Even with the little I've played with it, I'm very impressed. There is a bit of different ways of working with adjustments, but so far I have found a way to learn about where to go to do what I've tried. Very optimistic, as I surely would appreciate ridding myself of subscriptions...YES! Recently got an ad about Affinity Publisher beta and will download o
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