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    Eftee got a reaction from William Overington in Publisher hits the buffers   
    Thank you for your responses. To clarify 'our situation', our office prints the newsletter from a PDF. There are usually quite a few images to go with event reports. During compilation we use a shared Dropbox for afpub files which means long uploading, synchronizing and downloading times for large files owing to our slow broadband speed. The cap on email attachments is 25 mb.
    BTW. One of pubs features I really like is the scrolling of spreads up and down. I have only just discovered that this can also be done in ppx9.
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    Eftee got a reaction from William Overington in Publisher hits the buffers   
    I am the editor of a retirement village 22 page monthly newsletter/magazine. I colaborate with others during compilation. I have allways used ppx9. I used publisher for my latest edition which produced a file size of 300 mbĀ and a PDF of 30 mb. This compares with 12mb and 2mb respectively in ppx9. Our broadband speed is 2 mbps. This means that, although I came to like a lot of publishers features, it is impractical for our situation and therefore we will stay with ppx9. I thought this information might be of interest for anyone thinking of switching.

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