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  1. @Old Bruce Thank you for your help I'll get practising with the pen tool
  2. Please can anyone help me replicate this header? - Please see attached upload I have extended the header to the following dimensions Width 1708 Width x 960 Height I know how to create the triangles and add photos inside them (Just like you would when turning a square photo into a circle) But I'm struggling to replicate the shape on the left hand side of the header where the people are sitting on the stair and staring at each other. Can anyone help me replicate this header. I can work the fonts etc out I just need help with the actual design please. Thanks
  3. Dear Affinity Please can you help me. I want to change the colour of the top of photo A (green) to match photo B's colour Pink top Please can you show me how this can be done so that it is a perfect colour match. The colour in HSL is 04% 100% 97% (or should be!!) Thank you in advance (I did actually change top B to the pink in question but forgot how as its been so long since I've needed to edit photos Ha Ha) Thanks Again
  4. @Palatino & @Callum - Thank you both for showing me how easy that was - Not that i'd spent hours trying with F/X honest Have a great day
  5. Could someone please help. I'm trying to change the orange flash icon colour on the right to match the light bulb icon on the left of the picture. I've tried using adjustments and I can't seem to match the colours perfectly. Could somebody please show me how this could be done I've uploaded a PNG and the .afdesign file as well Thank you in advance for your help Affinity Question.afdesign
  6. @Lee D Thank you very much for your help and advice. With your's & @MEB (Thank you too) Advice Ive been able to achieve the look of Picture 1 @MEB your sample really helped so thank you to you both David
  7. Hi I'm new to affinity and I'm a home designer without much skill. I know the basics of Affinity Designer. Please can anyone help show me how to replicate picture 1 using picture 2. I came across picture 1 on the internet and loved the way it hazes out (or fades out) on the left hand side. I can see the picture has been extended and then hazed (or faded out) to make it look like one long picture and I'm trying to do the same with picture 2. I am sure that it would be quite easy for someone who knows their way around Affinity Designer so I am reaching out to the forum
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