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  1. city-frame

    Export "package"

    nice to know - thanx a lot !!!
  2. Dear all, do you know a way to export a "package" of a Publisher file within the recources (Images) ? I linked a lot of Pictures in a file and want to Export an Archive - after finishing the work ... thanx 4 response ;-) René
  3. I have find out, that my Keyboard is the troubleshooter ! my "Alt-Key" makes the screenshots ... I always switched between apps with Alt+Tab an created the screenshots "over" the clipboard-text this way ... Maybe Logitech have a driverupdate to fix it ... Thank YoU walt.farrell
  4. - Paste Spezial : "insert as: Device Independent Bitmap" - Paste Text into Excel: i get a screenshot (!) - Paste within word: i get the copied text - no 3rd-party apps Maybe i have some Trouble with my logitech-keyboard ??? (when i hit the spacebar - the volume of Bluetooth-Speakers comes up) Thanx 4 your Response …
  5. I select only parts of the text (than ctrl+C) and want to paste the parts in a new layout in a Magazine … i think it is a Windows-OS-Problem, because when in copy textparts from a web page (for example) i get another screenshot by pasting into Publisher ... the "Transfer" of the clipboard-TEXT "get lost" into a screenshot - between the different aplications ...
  6. Hellow walt.farrell I use "STRG+C" ... (on OS WIN10)
  7. Dear, i would like to insert (STRG+V) Text from a word-dokument into my layout. But : I allways have a screenshot to paste (Device Independent Bitmap … ?!?! ) Please, is there a solution to copy/paste THE TEXT ??? thanx @ all Rene
  8. Thank you so much ! The tutorial Video is "fan-tastic" to learn some basics ... At least i am a rookie-user (and also needs sometimes the translation to german ;-) ... honor to you my friend - and affinity at all !
  9. Dear all, please can you tell me, how to allign a floating text horizontal in columns ? The Attachement shows my Problem ... THANX 4 your support !
  10. Dear all, the beta-phase of affinity´s publisher is well for experiences ... i´m ready to start some book projects - but: i really need the german text editing (!) to do this. So please ... can you give me a "timeline" or better a date, when affinity will start a final release ? I´m sorry for my impatience ... but i´m really "hungry" for having a workflow with the publisher sincerely, Rene
  11. Dear all, i really like the publisher beta-phase to learn the handling of that great software ! But for my experiences i really need some "localized" fuctions - especially for text editing. Is there a timeline, when the full publisher will be available ? (i´m very "hungry" for the german version ;-) kind regards ...
  12. Dear all … i think it would be really nice to scale the User Interface … while i´m using a 4K Monitor ... other cg-software have that Option … and all my troubles fly away by scaling the UI ... thanx for response !

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