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  1. I agree, this would be a great option to have a similar program as Adobe After Effects as demonstrated on YouTube ' Affinity designer and After Effects'
  2. thanks for your help, just what i wanted.
  3. thanks for your reply. I should experimented a bit more. One thing I need to know is can you revert to single pages after you have set up as spread format.
  4. Found out an anwser, I should of doubled clicked on the page instead of single click. Single click would have been nicer.
  5. I create a new document with one A4 page and place a design on it. Save the document and it prints OK. When I open that documet, the design is still on the one page i have created, bu as soon as i add another page or a master the design on the original page has disapeared and in not on any other page. Also all the layer information has gone. I chosen the option of no spreading. Disclabels.afpub

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