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    Font Size does not fit

    Thank you @Joachim_L
  2. Hello, I'm not sure if it is a bug or I am doing something wrong. Just downloaded the test version (and hurray, you guys fixed the font freezing crashing issue - congrats). I make it short: I created a new document, 1920x1080 in 300 dpi and added a text. Now my 12 pt seems to be a little too big for the actual text size. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? Pls help Thank you guys for your hard work! Just to compare with Indesign (Same format, Same font, Same size):
  3. Can't believe that this Thread is over 1,5 years old and this bug is still existing. Is it that hard to fix this issue? I'm currently testing the Affinity Designer (Trial), but because of THIS Error I can't work with it at all. I hoped to find in the Affinity Designer a good alternative to Illustrator, but I can't get it work when I can not choose a Font / when it crashes everytime I'm choosing a font. Sry, can't buy the Designer if this error is still existing (after 1,5 years)
  4. Hello, I currently try the Affinity Designer Testversion on Win10 and had to discover that I can not choose a Font, because when I click the Font Menu it freezes and after a minute or so it takes the font I chose. I found a post which is from January 2017 (over 1,5 years old) where someone mentioned exactly this problem. Why is this post older than 1,5 years and the Bug/Problem is still existing? Is it that hard to fix this issue? I really think about Affinity as a Good alternative to Adobes Design Standard (Photo, Designer and Publisher), But what should I think about this case? I mean, if I can not choose Fonts correctly, I can not work in the Designer and will not buy it, till this Error is fixed. Will this error ever get fixed in this life?
  5. Hello, I installed the BETA on my Win10 PC and my problem is: I'm Starting Publisher and try to use Text tools, but it doesn't let me write anything. And if I want to Save/Load/Import/Export anything, All Text in Windows Explorer (Folder Names etc) disappears. It doesn't just disappears, e.g. in Snipping Tool Buttons disappears, even when I close the Publisher. CMD does not show any text, and I have to restart my PC to fix this. I guess this is currently the most important BUG I had to report here, because I really want to try the Beta with its full features. Any suggestions how I could fix this? Thanks, I'm excited for the next versions.
  6. Hi Dear Developers, I have found a few bugs of Affinity Publisher BETA which happens on my Win10 machine: - Font's didn't got loaded. I can not use the Text tool, because every Font disappears in the Editor, Fonts were selectable but not useable (nothing happened when I write). - Fonts disappeared when I open any kind of Save / Load / Export / Import etc. windows. After I closed the Publisher, All Fonts of my Windows Explorer were still disappeared, even the Text of my CMD was completely lost (a restart of my PC fixed this). I really like your work and are excited to discover the Final Version of the Publisher!