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  1. This may not be a bug, but it is a little bit annoying. Full TOC line hyperlinks appear to be the norm in all the PDFs I have previously perused. So while it is not critical it is an improvement I would like to see made as it just doesn't feel quite as intuitive as it could be.
  2. Big thank you to you walt.farrell... I was, just out of curiosity, checking out your answer when I noticed the 'Show Special Characters' immediately above 'Highlight Fields' and finally got to turn off the Special Characters that have been bugging me since the last update.
  3. +1 I produce interactive PDFs from all my current documents. This is an essential for me too
  4. I would like to support what jmwellborn says about being patient and give AP a fair chance. As someone who has used Adobe software since it first appeared, and Pagemaker before that, I can remember how difficult those programs were for early adopters. Not to mention Quark! Well I never did like Quark overmuch and the need for expensive third party software to get it to even shake hands with anything non-Quark was a real pain. Already I can see some real promise in what Affinity have created. It will take a bit of work yet to iron out any bugs and, of course, the real proof of Affinit
  5. I would rarely if ever choose to embed images in documents I am working on. I like to keep the document size down during creation and to have all my linked files in one place. But that's just me and I believe users should have that choice - and the easier it is to find and impliment the better. +1 for Zbigg's drag and drop of images too, especially of multiples and with auto alignment - this is immensly useful in my humble opinion.
  6. +1 My vote for 'Edit Original' in right click menu - I use this all the time in InDesign. +1 Also for embed/link toggle in the toolbar.
  7. +1 I would like to see all of these if they are not already there. If they are, my apologies AP, but I have not been able to find them yet either.
  8. I am trying to copy guides from one page of my document to another (not on a master page). I cannot seem to select or copy the guides. Am I missing something or might this be a feature that will be included at a later stage?
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