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  1. BalsallHeathen

    ToC PDF links bug

    This may not be a bug, but it is a little bit annoying. Full TOC line hyperlinks appear to be the norm in all the PDFs I have previously perused. So while it is not critical it is an improvement I would like to see made as it just doesn't feel quite as intuitive as it could be.
  2. Big thank you to you walt.farrell... I was, just out of curiosity, checking out your answer when I noticed the 'Show Special Characters' immediately above 'Highlight Fields' and finally got to turn off the Special Characters that have been bugging me since the last update.
  3. BalsallHeathen

    Page Menu - Numbering Chaos

    Thanks JFisher. I couldn't find anything related to this on the forum and I was beginning to question my sanity. I look forward to a fix.
  4. There appears to be a serious bug in the page numbering as shown in the image below. My displayed page numbers start at 'page 1' followed by 'page 2' as would be expected, but then rise in counts of two with a 'page 54' appearing seeming at random throughout. Weirdly, if I toggle single pages to facing pages and then back to single pages the page numbers shown double each time. First rising by a count of four, then by eight, then sixteen and so on. And each time more pages shed their original number and become yet another 'page 54'. Is this a bug or am I doing something idiotic?
  5. BalsallHeathen

    slow pdf export

    S........l..........o........w! But it is early days yet so hopefully speed will improve.
  6. BalsallHeathen

    Add new Page or Master problem

    I've been playing around with the document setup and I think what you need is: Click on Document Setup tab above Pages (or Click on File in menu bar then Select Document Setup (Ctrl+Shift+P)) In pop-up select Layout tab (about half way down box) You can toggle Facing Pages on and off here. Hope that is what you were looking for.
  7. BalsallHeathen

    Add new Page or Master problem

    Sorry, seems my answer and your own overlapped. I agree the single click would be my prerred option too.
  8. BalsallHeathen

    Add new Page or Master problem

    I tried your file without problem. Are you double clicking on page one to deselect the new page and return to one?
  9. BalsallHeathen

    menue character height

    I had same problem Try minimising all programs and Right clicking on an empty desktop area, then selecting Display settings on the settings pop-up and changing the Scale and layout setting for text, apps and other items to 150%. You can go higher or lower depending on your preference. Hope this sorts your problem
  10. BalsallHeathen

    Suggested User Commands

    Many thanks Aammppaa - most helpful.
  11. +1 I produce interactive PDFs from all my current documents. This is an essential for me too
  12. I would like to support what jmwellborn says about being patient and give AP a fair chance. As someone who has used Adobe software since it first appeared, and Pagemaker before that, I can remember how difficult those programs were for early adopters. Not to mention Quark! Well I never did like Quark overmuch and the need for expensive third party software to get it to even shake hands with anything non-Quark was a real pain. Already I can see some real promise in what Affinity have created. It will take a bit of work yet to iron out any bugs and, of course, the real proof of Affinity's program will be in how much notice is taken of what we, the future users, say. All in all, I don't think you can realistically compare AP in Beta to those (much) older, wiser packages at this early stage. It is early days yet - I believe (I hope) better things are yet to come. No, I don't work for Serif/Affinity or have any connection to them, it's just that I am grateful they have allowed free access to their beta program and thereby given me the opportunity to share in its early development.
  13. I would rarely if ever choose to embed images in documents I am working on. I like to keep the document size down during creation and to have all my linked files in one place. But that's just me and I believe users should have that choice - and the easier it is to find and impliment the better. +1 for Zbigg's drag and drop of images too, especially of multiples and with auto alignment - this is immensly useful in my humble opinion.
  14. +1 My vote for 'Edit Original' in right click menu - I use this all the time in InDesign. +1 Also for embed/link toggle in the toolbar.
  15. BalsallHeathen

    Suggested User Commands

    +1 I would like to see all of these if they are not already there. If they are, my apologies AP, but I have not been able to find them yet either.