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  1. I would very much like to set column guides on master pages in the spread setup rather than by placing guides by hand on the Master Page. Most DTP app offer this, I know this is a beta and not everything can get done at once but I think the ability to set a master as 2 or 3 or whatever columns with a defined gutter is a fairly essential feature for most users.

    Also I would like to have a visible bleed guide. Bleed can be set which is great but I like to see a visible guide on the page while working.

  2. I really use the place multiple pages from PDF a lot in my work, at the minute Designer doesn't even show you a dialogue to chose a page from the PDF, you get page one regardless (unless I am missing something here) I don't want to have to open a multi page document and then cut and paste. The ability to set up a document full of frames and then do Place - PDF - some or all pages, and then put them into the frames is almost essential. One page at a time would be very tedious but better than nothing.


  3. If you make the UI text the larger size the palette tabs don't expand to accept it... 

    Tabbing between values in the colour palette doesn't work correctly so for example trying to enter a CMYK value cannot be done as (for example) 10 tab, 5 tab, 20 tab, 30 tab, or return

    Please show file suffixes in save/export boxes, or at least allow a toggle to hide/show

    Please can we have crops or marks on exported PDFs