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  1. I use Corel Ventura Publisher 10 daily. I also am running Adobe Framemaker 2019 (but prefer to use VP because it runs much faster). Figured out how to PDF with TrueType and Open Type fonts by converting them to Adobe PostScript type 1 font - but that's another story. It has opened a few CHP files that I had on some old CD. It won't be a smooth transition, but I may be able to help. (Since Ventura at that time did not "swallow up" the text file, the text file(s) are still there, and the Chapter file points to those files. I used WordStar with it.) I may be able to help you.
  2. I run Ventura with (this desktop) Windows 10 64 bit with 32 G of RAM. One major thing it can't do is export to PDF-the Open Type and Postscript fonts won't export. Corel PDF Fusion used to do it, but according to Adobe, a bug in Windows 10 prevents that. So I downloaded a copy of Oracle Virtual Box, and dug up my old copy of Windows 2000, and install Ventura (and all the fonts I have) on it. Now I edit in Ventura Windows 10, and export to PDF with Ventura Windows 2000! I also found that when I was doing indexing, Ventura Windows 10 doesn't sort them correctly. I had to run it with Windows XP or Windows 2000. Very weird Windows "bug". I wrote and begged Corel to continue to upgrade it. They put in so much energy into WordPerfect. Every freaking year it comes out with a new one, and I can't figure out what more it can do. (I used to do WP 5.1 for DOS but hated it. Preferred WordStar. I suggested that Corel Draw borrows Ventura's feature when it comes to something more than one freaking page long.. but it was ignored. I love it's style sheet. And paragraph tagging. So much easier to use than FrameMaker.
  3. MikeW: Thank you. I need to look into it. I hope I did not come down too hard - having been a Corel beta tester (for Corel Draw and Corel Ventura Publisher), it was good to see that suggestions get put into the actual final program.
  4. No automatic open and close quotes conversion makes it unusable. Even lowly Word (which I don't use) can do that. I can live with no master page (and I will learn to create one) and even no hanging punctuation, but not being able to turn a straight quote (or apostrophe) into a curly one, let me put it this way, makes no sense for a program that claims to be a DTP.
  5. I use Corel Ventura Publisher 10 daily, and from time to time, I also use Adobe FrameMaker 2019. Most of my documents are short, but some are long. I like these programs because I am able to import the style sheet (for Ventura) and format (for FrameMaker). I bought this program (before the company became Affinity), and found it unusable because it won't import any text and convert open quotes and close quotes properly. They stayed as straight quotes. Can it do that now? There were extra steps that had to be done. I think someone suggested importing it to Open Office, and exporting it. But why call itself a DTP when it can't do something like that? One thing about Ventura that FrameMaker can't do is hanging punctuation. (I realize that Adobe InDesign can do that.) My question is when a new document is started, both Ventura and FrameMaker gives me a blank page and I can start composing my document (by typing, or importing) right away. I tried Adobe InDesign and could not handle having the draw the frame (for the text to go in), and it just irked me that when the text spills to the second page, I have to add more frame - or as I remember, create a master page (I think that was it was called.) This was why I could not learn to use Scribus either. So is there a default setting with AP that starts a blank page with the master page already ready-to-go? Thanks!
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