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    if.rivic got a reaction from hubob in align and distribute function works very strange   
    I'll hook into this thread, as I don't want to open another one.
    I too quite like the option to set a reference object to which the selection is then aligned – deselecting and selecting again seems a bit counterintuitive to me, though a useful workaround.
    But my other (and worse) issue with the align tools is as follows: 
    In Publisher on macOS 10.14.2, I added all the align buttons to my top toolbar: 

    When I use those, they seem to always default to "align to spread" with one selected object and "selection bounds" with multiple objects selected.
    Is there a way to control what alignment mode the buttons work in? I'd like to reduce having to go into the overlay-menu of the single alignment button.
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    if.rivic got a reaction from Dazmondo77 in Make bleed settings part of File>New   
    +1 – I agree on the way bleed and slug setup is done in InDesign
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