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  1. Preview via View menu - Preview Mode in build works, but not when using the keyboard F10 to toggle it on/off. The notation on the menu indicates F10 should have this function? Tried the Ctrl/reset things when launching but it didn't make any difference.
  2. Ah, thanks Fixx for pointing that out; makes sense! I've created a few documents and they appear to revert back to default sometimes, for reasons I have yet to identify (might be a non-issue due to a new beta update reverting the setting for the document back to default with Clip to Canvas turned on again, I guess).
  3. I'm aware Clip to Canvas is turned on by default, but would like the option to have it turned off globally/universally since having it turned on means items in the placeholder area are hidden. I know I can turn it off via View - Clip to Canvas but would prefer having it turned off permanently (by default)!
  4. +1 for hyperlinks support! However, as a workaround PDF software can be used to add them in, as thomasbricker mentioned (I've done this successfully with Nuance Power PDF Advanced Pro 3).
  5. Ah, thank you Patrick that does the trick, much appreciated!
  6. At the moment the baseline grid setting appears to effect all text frames in a document if used, even if they're not linked text frames. Could this be changed so you can choose which text frames use baseline grid, so some can, and some don't, as the user decides?