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  1. To be clear, the problem is not that AP doesn't save photos, it is that it no longer works in unison with Apple's Photos app. Previously it was possible to right-click on a photo in the Photos app, select AP from the "Edit with…" menu option, and the photo would be opened in AP. When you then saved that photo in AP (pressing command-S was sufficient), the photo in the Photos app was updated with the changes. This no longer works.
  2. No, this is not about raw photos. The process is this: in Photos, choose to edit a photo in AP (right-click in Photos) and select "Edit with…" and choose AP. The photo opens in AP and is editable. What should happen then is if I save the photo in AP (just using command-S), it should update automatically in Photos. This works if you were to use Preview or Pixelmator to edit the photo. My understanding is that it worked with previous versions of AP. Command-S appears to save the photo in AP now, but it does not update in Photos.
  3. I've been holding on to Aperture, but as that's going away with the next release of MacOS, this functionality for Photos + AP is going to become pretty important! Hopefully it can be fixed relatively quickly.
  4. The typeface designer should have designed the unicode ellipses glyph to have the appropriate sizing and spacing for the typeface. Furthermore, using the glyph avoids the possibility of the software altering the spacing between any two of the dots which constitute the ellipses. So it would seem appropriate to use the glyph tailored for that typeface!
  5. I'm also seeing this when trying to open a document created with the previous beta.
  6. I may have missed it, but is there a way to change the orientation of a gradient? I can apply a gradient fill to (for example) text, but I can't figure out how to apply it from top to bottom rather than from left to right. Is it there and I can't see it, or is it missing?
  7. The current beta doesn't seem to wrap text around an inserted PDF image with transparent regions.
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