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  1. camera bug

    Truncated fonts

    EPSON ET-4550 Printer driver is the latest version.
  2. camera bug

    Truncated fonts

    Rasterisation makes the difference - the printout is fine with this option.
  3. camera bug

    Truncated fonts

    Hi Gabe, If I export the document as a pdf file and print the pdf file, the printout works without problems. I therefore assume that this issue is not due to the printer. When printing directly from Affinity Designer (1.7.0367, Win10), the font is truncated as shown in my first post. Example file is attached. Stephan Truncated_Fonts.afdesign
  4. When using decorative fonts such as Mirosa, these are displayed correctly in Affinity Designer, but truncated when printed. There is no other layer close to the text. Is this a user mistake or a bug?
  5. When selecting the model "Booklet" in the Affinity Publisher print menu: Regardless of whether double-sided "Flip short side" or "Flip long side" is selected, the pages are printed as "Flip long side" The pages are not printed correctly (second sides of double-sided pages are always turned 180° to the first side). (No other settings for "double-sided" in the printer driver properties) Settings Page preset: A5 Facing pages: Arrangement - Horizontal, Start on right Printer paper size: A4