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  1. TechWriter

    Creating an index

    Is it possible to create more than one index? Say, an author's index, a subject's index etc?
  2. Believe it or not, I'm still using legacy Macs with Framemaker 7 for basic database publishing. I need dictionary-style headers that update on the fly, i.e., the first and last entry on the page have to be copied into the headers automatically. I also need at least two, but usually 4 indices. From Wikipedia: FrameMaker 7.0 Released in 2002. FrameMaker 7.0 introduced combined SGML and unstructured version, XML application support introduced, Save As PDF fixed, tagged PDF support, improved running header/footer support, document info stored in XMP format. FrameMaker 7.0 was the last version to run on the Macintosh (OS 8/9), HP/UX and IBM AIX. LaTex can do this but the learning curve is steep: https://www.latextemplates.com/template/dictionary
  3. I'm running an ancient Mac that belongs to a museum but it is the only one that runs an old version of Framemaker, capable of producing several indices and with a feature referred to as dictionary style headers, or running headers (and footers). This grabs the first and last entries on a page of text and copies it to the header, or footer. From what I can see AP does not have such features. I'm reluctant to get a Windows machine and RENT the new version of Framemaker forever...
  4. TechWriter

    Multiple indices/indexes

    Same here. I definitely need more than one index, for authors, subjects, patents, etc.

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