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  1. i can, and i am for my beta testing purposes, however, it requires a second paragraph style, and though it isn't a huge thing, its one of those small efficiency things. with toward/away from spine styles you can save yourself from having to manage the extra paragraph styles in your file if you are using it for more than header/footer work. Thank you for taking the time to respond
  2. In the Paragraph Styles panel under Paragraph/Spacing you can set the Alignment to the following: Left Center Right Justify Last Line Left Justify Last Line Center Justify Last Line Right Justify All It would be nice to see the following: Away from Spine Toward Spine It is needed (for me) in instances where i am working with headers/footers primarily, and for other layouts when putting together books for art exhibitions etc.
  3. +1 to bleed preview and when setting up the document. Another feature that would be nice would be a lock for both bleed and margin so you only had to type it once.
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