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  1. IllusionStudio

    PDF Import still as bad

    This is the solution to finally use Publisher as a real alternative to Indesign or Quark Xpress. I produce a magazine with many ads included. I is impossible (not to mention illegal) to install all fonts that is included in the PDFs of our ad-clients to get a correct view of their content. Unfortunately, I couldn´t do a complete program change in the past, because Publisher won´t support this feature.
  2. Working in a agency which publish magazines with ads, for me is it extremely nessecary to import pdf into affinity publisher. It makes a difference if I open a PDF to edit it (like in affinity designer) or if I make a publication by embedding a lot of files. In this case it is a key feature of the application. In InDesign and QuarkXpress is it possible to import pdfs with embedded fonts it without any conversions - and any issues. So if affinity will not take care on this feature, users like me will have a hard time deciding for afpub. It would be a pity, because I really like the affinty apps.
  3. IllusionStudio

    PDF Export - huge Files!

    I think the pdf output should be optimised in general. Also the affinity designer and photo make larger filesizes than ID, AI and Quark for PDF/X-3 and X-4. This is an aspect I can live with, but it is not nice and should be reworked in near future.
  4. IllusionStudio

    Errors using build 128

    Hi Cris, Printer: I am using Lexmark MS610dn Printer driver. Changing to my second printer (HP 1312nfi) will affect no crash at the moment. Export: Exporting the file (attached) will affect multiple behaviour: once exportet the pdf file will not been written (without any message), once exported there is no error and I get a correct pdf file, once exported the publisher crashes, once exported there is a message that the file cannot created. The picture Issue: Place a PDF to the frame. Scale over the transform window and then drag the frame. Sterbebild Christian Pyka.afpub
  5. IllusionStudio

    Errors using build 128

    Print: Publisher crashes after switching the document model to any other. Same effect in earlier builds. PDF Export: After the screen for the file name another window appears with "allow access to the folder to export multiple files". Every second/third export crashes the publisher. Picture Frame: Set Properties to not scaled and change the size of the image. After moving the frame, the picture sets back to original size.
  6. Thanks for this wonderful beta. What I miss, is a way to turn on/off showing bleeding area. My turnaround with manual guide lines also didn´t work because the lines I only see inside the document.
  7. IllusionStudio

    Print option output blank pages

    Same issue and after setting other "range" the publisher crashes.