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  1. This needs to be fixed quickly. None of the above suggestions work for me and I'm well into working on my first major project using Publisher. I've tried several different image formats and the editing the text wrap box, without sucess. Hoping I don't need to bailout of Publisher and go back to InDesign.
  2. A basic part for decades has been the ability to share a "Thumbnail" layout of a proposed design, in the early stages of a project. The thumbnail would show some basic layout features that we could discuss. Though this is a simple process in InDesign (see attached image), I have spent hours trying to get Publisher to come close to doing something similar. I really enjoy Publisher and look forward to leaving my Adobe subscription behind, but for me, this is a basic feature I absolutely need to have. I've seen work arounds that involve booklet and N-up printing, but not the quick and easy method I am looking for.
  3. Will there be import format options in Publisher. Like many I suspect, I have existing files in other native formats. Most of mine are in InDesign. Will there be a way to import these other formats into the release version of Publisher? Just started looking through the beta and I'm liking a lot of what I see.
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