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  1. Re. comments by Ash. How sad that we have to accept this change so that our icon images conform to the limitations of Windows. Yuk!
  2. As have I, and yes, it is in Beta so not for sale just yet. When this Publisher program can manage to perform the two main publishing tasks in the world today - digital books and web based projects, I will be buying it too. At the moment, it only does little booklets etc so not a priority for me. As for the icons, most software designers try for something eye-catching and relevant, as the Affinity team have done until today. My current two Affinity programs are the best I have ever used (for Photos and Design). Perhaps in version 2 or 3, Publisher will reach that level.
  3. While your opinion is welcome, that does not mean you represent the majority. This particular program (Publisher) is currently not worth buying in any event (assuming it is released with the present lack of functionality for publishing anything) so the icon hardly matters but it is apparent that these flat, ugly squares are about to replace the icons for the real programs (Photo and Designer) and they are among the best software products currently available. That being the case, it is not possible for there to be too many threads objecting to this change.
  4. The new, large, square, flat program icon is, to be kind, devoid of beauty. While an icon is just an icon, the styles used for Photo and Designer are very distinctive and attractive - it is not possible to.miss them on the dock. Why set out to replace them with meaningless squares? The key to 'continuous product improvement' is in the last word of those three.
  5. There are references to 'don't export layers hidden in export persona'. At the moment, exporting different versions of a design requires turning on and off various layers as appropriate. Will Affinity Publisher have an Export Persona? I do hope so. Regards, R.
  6. While clicking the icons to arrange layers back and forth seems to work perfectly well, with Photo and Designer, I always use Command-[ and Command-] to do that. Those shortcuts do not work with Publisher. I have no idea if this is a bug report or a feature request as I do not know if the omission of the shortcuts is intentional or an error. Either way, if they could be included, I would be most grateful. Thanks.
  7. I have, on several occasions, deselected the item 'Capitalise first letter of sentences' and that stops the action taking place but after closing Publisher, the next time I open it, that item has a tick in the box and the action occurs. Other 'preferences' I have selected, such as using Metal, remain in force at all times as they should. Publisher Beta is helping to produce some nice layouts. Thanks.
  8. When using this tool, as I type each character, the text moves a few pixels down the page. If I highlight all and change colour, it moves a few pixels down the page. If I highlight elements of the text to make typography adjustments, the text moves a few pixels down the page. After the text is finished and the object locked in place, it still moves around when switching pages or adding other objects elsewhere on the same page. I have now abandoned use of this tool as I cannot be sure where the text will be next time I open the page. Hopefully this will be an easy one to fix. Many thanks for the opportunity to test the Beta.
  9. Affinity Photo is indeed superb, as is Designer. My two favourite programmes in fact. It is a beta. I did mention that and I have made suggestions for features in the appropriate forum as requested by the people at Serif. War and Peace? Didn't realise there was a word limit. I did load a 320 page novel into Publisher Beta - well impressed - just could not export it in a useful form. Freezing over? Where did that come from? I have been in touch with them over various matters over the past couple of years. I am perfectly calm and have been happily using Affinity Publisher for things it can do for the past two days.
  10. @ABP Indeed, that was why I was keen to import work from Pages (currently possible via PDF only) into Affinity Publisher where I can improve whatever I want with regard to typesetting. As I mentioned a couple of times, The problem is that I can only export it back to PDF rather than any of the popular digital book formats.
  11. Dare I even suggest export to clean HTML/CSS for web page designers?
  12. @Loquos That much I know. I was not suggesting it should become a WP but it should have some function. My post was about the uniqueness of Publisher - there is none. The video tutorials are little different from what is in the Designer Workbook. I can do lovely page layouts in Designer. I can write books with Pages. Publisher, as it stands is of little use for those who already have those two packages and one of those is free with the OS.
  13. @ Fixx No, not just that. It is the ability to export to EPUB or other book formats. At present, I can export a book from Pages (or similar) as a PDF, import it easily into Publisher, do whatever I want with it, then I can only export it as a PDF, not as an ebook of any type. The simple question is why? It is an obvious requirement.
  14. Affinity Publisher is meant to be DTP software, or so I thought. In terms of page design, for brochures etc, Affinity Designer does a much better job. In terms of book publishing, Apple Pages does a very much better job. Even Libre Writer would. I decided to test it by recreating from scratch a newsletter which I designed in 1994 (using MS Publisher which came on three floppy discs). I was able to do that and allowing for a little messing around while getting used to Publisher's way of doing things, it was not difficult. I haven't used MS Publisher since the mid nineties and I never once missed it until performing this test. Affinity Publisher beta seems to be a hacked down version of Designer with Add Page / Master Page features but with no viable word processing function. In simple terms, it has no unique purpose. It has taken years for Publisher beta to arrive and now that it has, I for one am left wondering what they have been working on because this cannot possibly be it. I do appreciate this is only the beta version but no one would pay money for software which does not seem to know what it is for. To end on a plus note, Affinity Designer and Photo are the best software packages of their type I have ever used and I am including Adobe and everything else in that comparison. A huge well done to Serif for producing those two. All I need now is for them to come up with a similar package for DTP.
  15. The ability to import WP files such as Apple Pages would be helpful. While it is not difficult to export from Pages to PDF and then import into AP, surely Publisher should be capable of importing directly.
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