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  1. This window allows me to jump to places in the document, but it does not allow me to swap fonts. Maybe substitutes are offered when I miss a font, here's the situation that I have it, I don't have any choice lists or suggestions.
  2. I still have ebooks from PagePlus and I wanted to sell them commercially. I dug into PDF and I have Affinity Publisher projects saved, now I have a font swap. And now the question - how to do as little pain as possible? These are extensive guides, not novels. Is there such a global function? And if not, is it possible to add "one-click" functionality from the screen (as in the screenshot)? For example "change to Liberation Sans"?
  3. I don't remember setting it up, but this is it. You have a keen eye and knowledge. Thank you very much!
  4. When I insert a page numbering field, the hash always lands outside the frame. Not only that, two-digit numbers are presented vertically, regardless of the size of the field.
  5. @Patrick ConnorI use Serif programs (among others PagePlus), but I am convinced that there is nothing to be afraid of the new opening. After today's show I am sure that the company will grow continuously And you will find man-hours for the Polish version - there are many Poles in the UK who know English, someone with a good language and knowledge from the industry will finally join. Maybe some incomplete support (without translation of documentation and similar) - just good language support (checking grammar and Polish interface) would be a big thing.
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