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    [By Design] Legacy Assets

    I can understand. But after the purchase I was unpleasantly surprised - "Assets" has nothing. I assume that it will appear soon. Such things as ready-made templates and trinkets (eg symbols, icons) so that you do not have to do everything from zero. Still lacking many options from PagePlus, the more you should not people do uphill. This is not writing code. Public presentations were with exemplary publications - you can give them as templates.
  2. @Patrick ConnorI use Serif programs (among others PagePlus), but I am convinced that there is nothing to be afraid of the new opening. After today's show I am sure that the company will grow continuously And you will find man-hours for the Polish version - there are many Poles in the UK who know English, someone with a good language and knowledge from the industry will finally join. Maybe some incomplete support (without translation of documentation and similar) - just good language support (checking grammar and Polish interface) would be a big thing.
  3. You run it with administrator rights, but did I install it with administrator rights? Did you try to run with the Anti-Virus disabled? I saw such a message, but in older programs, and the problem from what I remember is not from the side of the program.

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