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  1. Just bought on the MAS. Amazing. But I guess the font pack isn't included.
  2. Agree to everything, other than I'd use Publisher for anything that will be printed, even a single page. I'd use Photo to create imagery to be imported, and Designer if I need to make illustrations. But I think Publisher should replace almost every "print" material that we used to do in Designer.
  3. Would it be possible to make the Affinity Store "recognize" the Mac App Store versions of Designer and Photo? Even manually. I don't think the Affinity Store had the Mac versions back in the days I bought them (last summer I think), but I'd prefer to have them all in one place (it's a long shot I know).
  4. Thanks, this would be fantastic. Really psyched about Affinity Publisher guys, and Designer and Photo too. I already transitioned a good chunk of my workflow to them. Can't wait to make a complete switch, and I think a lot of people is. Cheers!
  5. Oh of course I don't demand this feature to be present in version 1, but I remember some threads at the start of the beta, where developers kind of ruled out this possibility. Now I don't see much talk about that. But if they add it in the future I'll be finally able to ditch ID. But I'm buying Affinity Publisher anyway when it comes out.
  6. Still no possibility to use more than two pages on a single spread. I know you don't intend to implement it, but it would be so useful when designing multiple pages leaflets or book covers.
  7. ok ma dovresti scriverlo in inglese yes but you should write in english
  8. I think we shouldn't compare it to indesign. But as a desktop publishing program it still lacks some basic functionality. By basic I mean needed to do any kind of professional work. But I'm sure Affinity will work on it and in a couple years make it so much better. They already did it with Designer and Photo. I am a Pro and I can't wait to have viable alternatives to we-know-who
  9. This is a pretty basic fuctionality that IMO needs to be implemented. Think about doing a two pantone leaflet, with a bitmap image. You can fill the foreground/background of the bitmap accordingly and print it with two pantones. Doing it via blend modes is impossibile, because wrong color values will be created. Bitmaps are very common in contemporary print graphic design.
  10. InDesign used to be like that, but it introduced the function around cs4 or cs5. It looks like nothing but it's super useful, for example for book covers (to adjust the width of the spine, which changes with paper weight etc.), to make flyers with automatic fold marks etc.. So I think it's a feature you should plan to add sooner or later if you want to compete with indesign
  11. Hi, I need to lay pages one next to another (for example when doing a leaflet), but I don't understand if this function is available at the moment. This is useful to move pages around and locking them horizontally as needed, as much as they are needed just like in the posted screenshot
  12. I am a professional designer and use that feature sparingly. Sometimes it's nice to have but I'd say not indispensable. Not for release 1.0 for sure. But to compete with indesign it will be needed sooner or later.
  13. Yep, came to write this but found someone already pointed it out. This is very important. It would also be useful to have a button to cycle between "views" (for example deactivating margins, guides and bleeds, like W on indesign)
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