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  1. Correct. That's the way how it goes. This setting change was only needed for Photo. Interestingly all the other applications were running and are still running like nothing has happened.
  2. My bad. Thanks for this, now Photo menus seems to work logically compared to the other applications.
  3. Thanks for this. I've tried that already and Handedness been always 'Right-handed'. This does not help. See the attachment.
  4. I'm using PC on desktop mode. All tablet functions been turned OFF. Or do you mean drawing tablet? I am using Wacom Intuos S tablet. PhotoShop CS5.1 is not behaving as such, just tried that.
  5. I was able to reset Affinity Photo as you requested. Issue is still there. I took couple of screen captures after the reset, see attachments. I also closed the application and launched Photo again, no help. Right side of the dropdown menu all sub-menus are on the left side. Left side of the dropdown menu all sub-menus are on the right side. Same session. I haven't never experienced the same problem before and been using Affinity Photo already for sometime. I haven't done any changes on Windows settings. All the other applications are showing dropdown sub-menus right side of the menu. Not switching right-left-right etc.
  6. Hi, Affinity Photo Windows version For some reason dropdown menus are opening left side, instead of right. How can I get those back to right side?