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  1. Considering R C-R's comment I removed & reloaded af but the same thing happened. I then paid closer attention to the "tolerance" %. It seems for this pixel image 33% works. I believe the selection brush would be a lot easier than attempting multiple "swipes" till I got the % right. Perhaps it's like everything else. The more one does it the better one gets. Thanks for the input, all.
  2. I have done & re-done the lesson many times over. Each time re-checking the process to insure accuracy. If I "swipe" the sky fairly quickly it selects the sky, only to re-paint & select the entire "pixel" layer.
  3. All I want to know is, "What time is it?". Raster: A set of horizontal lines composed of individual pixels, used to form an image on a screen. Why must I "rasterize" the tutorial image below in order to get the "Flood Select" tool to work, albeit temporarily. {When I use the FS tool without rasterizing it initially selects a portion of the sky (maybe) then the mountain is selected, then the screen goes blank & after re-painting, the entire image is selected. After rasterizing the image, the tool selects the sky correctly but then the image goes blank, & after re-painting, the entire image is selected.} 1. Is "Rasterize" an integral part of the "Flood Tool" process? 2. Why does the document image re-paint & re-select?
  4. csbro

    Flood Select Tool

    I'm beginning to understand the "tolerance" part of it. Rather than be so aggressive, I swiped over only the dark clouds & it worked. Then the Light clouds, etc... As the instructions say, "like pixels". Thanks for your patience.
  5. csbro

    Flood Select Tool

    Thanks, Walt. I had selected contiguous. Initially it did select the dark clouds, but then it did the "Not Responding" thing with a blank screen. This time it then refreshed & some of the trees in the lower portion of the image were selected. Then another "Not Responding" / refreshed blank screen & the whole image was selected. Magic!!! This all occurred as I sat ..., befuddled, not touching anything. The image is a 16 bit tif HDR processed Photomatix Pro. The same happened with the jpg "flood_select" image provided by Affinity as I followed, meticulously, the instructions given.
  6. csbro

    Flood Select Tool

    It is (I assume) a Pixel Layer. It is a 16 bit .tif HDR image created in Photomatix Pro then opened (file / open) in a Document. In the "Layers" Studio Panel it is described as "Background (Pixel)". In this case I'm doing a quick swipe across the sky with the Flood Select tool. The sky has dark & white clouds as well as blue sky. As might be expected it selects the dark clouds (similar pixels) then the screen goes blank & a "Not Responding" message appears. Once the screen refreshes, the top & left side of the entire image is selected rather than the clouds or sky.
  7. Flood Select Tool {Windows 10 -64 bit} triggers (not responding), then blank screen, then multiple selections, then (not responding), then it finally selects the entire image. Process: Click Background layer / Click Flood Select tool / Click onto clouds in image / rapidly move across clouds while maintaining depressed click with mouse / release mouse at end {left to right} of image {clouds}.

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