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  1. Not sure what changed, but I recreated my macro and it worked
  2. @JimmyJack I believe I have followed these intructions, but I am unable to "remove project" The option is greyed out
  3. My macro has a command to place a file from a certain hard drive location onto the images. When I run the batch processor, it does not place the image. What can I do? ps Ive asked a few questions today and theyve all been answered well and quickly! Thank you for a great community!
  4. This is very useful for the future! Thankfully I already have a .png of the of the rectangular format of the watermark so I can just add it to the bottom
  5. srichardprologue

    Batch Processing Features

    Thanks Callum! Ive done this and it is successful one time, but once I add the macro to my library, it can't seem to place the the watermark. It also hugely increases my file size (~500kb to ~4.2 mb)
  6. I did not do this with affinity, I am looking to create this same change with affinity
  7. I need to be able to reformat a picture to include a black bar at the bottom to add a logo to for a 360 picture attached images were created with a different program and i would like to recreate with affinity
  8. I'm trying to figure out if anyone has a solution for batch resizing, adding a nadir logo to the bottom of a 360 picture