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  1. srichardprologue

    Importing Macro Files, Instant Crash

    Hi Callum, Any progress on that? Hoping to be able to use these macros with my whole team as soon as possible!
  2. srichardprologue

    Importing Macro Files, Instant Crash

    Thank you!
  3. srichardprologue

    Importing Macro Files, Instant Crash

    Callum, I just tried. It crashes on my system as well. I've attached on of the macro files. Arrows&Watermark North.afmacro
  4. srichardprologue

    Importing Macro Files, Instant Crash

    Correct Callum, Yes, importing a macro causes the app to crash.
  5. I have created macros on one workstation. I then use the export button on the macro panel to individually export each macro. For some reason a file must be open to do so. Once exported I transfer the file to our internal server from which my colleague copies the file to his workstation. He opens a file and then clicks the import button on the macro panel and when he selects one and clicks to import, it crashes. Any ideas?
  6. Not sure what changed, but I recreated my macro and it worked
  7. @JimmyJack I believe I have followed these intructions, but I am unable to "remove project" The option is greyed out
  8. My macro has a command to place a file from a certain hard drive location onto the images. When I run the batch processor, it does not place the image. What can I do? ps Ive asked a few questions today and theyve all been answered well and quickly! Thank you for a great community!
  9. This is very useful for the future! Thankfully I already have a .png of the of the rectangular format of the watermark so I can just add it to the bottom
  10. srichardprologue

    Batch Processing Features

    Thanks Callum! Ive done this and it is successful one time, but once I add the macro to my library, it can't seem to place the the watermark. It also hugely increases my file size (~500kb to ~4.2 mb)
  11. I did not do this with affinity, I am looking to create this same change with affinity
  12. I need to be able to reformat a picture to include a black bar at the bottom to add a logo to for a 360 picture attached images were created with a different program and i would like to recreate with affinity
  13. I'm trying to figure out if anyone has a solution for batch resizing, adding a nadir logo to the bottom of a 360 picture