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    RenWaller got a reaction from Dazmondo77 in Font Search   
    That is correct @Dazmondo77; I apologize that that wasn't clear in the first post.
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    RenWaller reacted to Dazmondo77 in Font Search   
    I would imagine RenWaller is probably requesting the same font search capability when you open a document or PDF that doesn't have the correct fonts - really bugs me too that you can't just type in the first couple of letters, having to physically scroll through hundreds of fonts gets me down too 
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    RenWaller got a reaction from Jowday in Font Search   
    I love Affinity Publisher, but something that would be really helpful is if the font manager that opens when a document or PDF has missing fonts had a "search" function (i.e. when looking for a substitute font you could search, or type in a letter, of one you're looking for, and all of the options would come up). It would save a lot of time scrolling to get to the correct one.
    Thank you!
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    RenWaller got a reaction from Michael Santa Monica in Ability to Open/Create Template Files   
    I love using template files. Especially for brochures that have common sizes or rulers for folding or for different companies that require different sizes/specs for their layouts.
    Unfortunately, right now, Affinity Designer will currently open an Illustrator file (which is great!), but it won't open an Illustrator template file (.ait). It would be wonderful if Designer would 
    Have the ability to make template files in the first place and Be able to open those types of files I have already made the switch from Adobe to Affinity, but would love if this was an additional option for the Affinity suite (i.e. Publisher being able to open .indt files and create template files).
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    RenWaller got a reaction from dominik in Table of Contents Issues   
    Actually, that's exactly the problem. Thank you for the recommendation.
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    RenWaller reacted to Old Bruce in Check box bullet point   
    I have three on my Mac. Just search using the FontBook application.
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    RenWaller got a reaction from Alfred in Raster brush to vector   
    Great, thank you @Alfred!
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    RenWaller reacted to MEB in Pen tool & breaking curve   
    Hi RenWaller,
    You have to place you second finger while you are pushing the node's handles to draw the curve the first time. If you release the handles first then you have to switch to Edit Mode in the context toolbar on bottom to adjust the handle again. Check the video below. Notice i never release the node's handle (the blue circles show where i'm still touching) while i place the second finger.
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    RenWaller reacted to MEB in Pen tool & breaking curve   
    Hi RenWaller,
    1. If you are working with an existing/finished shape you have to use the Node Tool. To move just one handle independent from the other (as i have shown i n the first video above), tap one of the handles and start moving it a bit then without releasing that finger, place the second finger somewhere else on canvas and drag the handle with the first finger - it will now become an independent handle (you can also adjust the opposite handle anytime now just dragging the handle).
    2. If you want to remove one of the handles (Node Tool), with the node selected place a finger somewhere on canvas and tap the handle you want to remove. If you want to remove both handles tap on both handles or alternatively simply tap the Sharp button in the context toolbar on the bottom to get the same result.
    Check the clip below:
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    RenWaller got a reaction from Espen A in Color Scheme Generator   
    A feature that I would like to see in Affinity Designer is that of a "color scheme generator" of sorts - or at least a color guide that displays color harmonies (with tints and shades of each color). This guide would let you pick a color, and then would generate colors in different categories that would go well with that color (i.e. analogous, complementary, split complementary, etc.) If this is not yet available, I think it would be really helpful.
    Thank you!
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    RenWaller reacted to 3Dshark in How can I open Indesign (indd and idml) Files in Publisher?   
    Just wanted to say thank you to the Affinity Team for continuing to listen to your user base. I'm sure adding the InDesign important wasn't a walk in the park, but the finished functionality is worth the wait.
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    RenWaller reacted to mink in Affinity Publisher for macOS - 1.8.1 (was 1.8.0)   
    @Patrick Connor x Affinity:
    THANK you so much for that very important update. PREFLIGHT is a lifechanger here. Looking forward to the next +0.1 updates. Impressive development. 
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    RenWaller reacted to Patrick Connor in Affinity Publisher for macOS - 1.8.1 (was 1.8.0)   
    <EDITED> Please note, Affinity Publisher 1.8.2 for Mac is now live so this thread is locked </EDITED>
    We are pleased to announce a major update for the macOS release of Affinity Publisher, version 1.8.1
    Changes in this build
    The changes in Affinity Publisher for macOS 1.8.1 (made since the last release Affinity Publisher on macOS 1.7.3) are as follows:
     New Features & Improvements:
    Template support – save documents as template files to re-use time and time again, share templates across all apps and even access files on multiple devices through cloud storage. New document dialog – it’s now simpler than ever to find, create and manage document presets with customised, saveable presets and thumbnail previews. Unified toolbar – thanks to the integration of window controls and the app’s main toolbar, Mac users (Mojave and above) can now enjoy more usable document space. Updated PANTONE© library – work with a seemingly endless range of colours, including updated PANTONE© Color Bridge and PANTONE© Formula Guide solid palettes (coated and uncoated). IDML import – import InDesign® IDML files, including all text styles, master pages, guides, pinned objects and more, directly into Affinity Publisher. Live preflight checking – customise the app’s all new Preflight panel to receive live warnings for possible errors in your document, including poor image resolution, bleed hazards, overflowing text, spelling errors, missing images or font resources, and more. XLSX import – import spreadsheet data from Excel, Apple Numbers or LibreOffice in XLSX format as a standalone table or inline with your text frames. Document merge – merge multiple documents together into a single file and take advantage of text style mapping, index merging and master page control, whether you’re combining whole documents or selecting page ranges to import. Smart master pages – effortlessly swap master pages and migrate edited content from any page to a new master page layout in a single click without losing any of your work in the process. Collect resources – organise all image resources into a single folder location and share with others in your network. New Anchors panel – easily manage anchors in your document and create new ones from selected text. Apple keyboard shortcuts for text editing —use Apple default keyboard shortcuts for text editing and entry for an even more streamlined workflow Text column dividing lines – add lines to separate columns in text frame settings. Many other improvements. Fixes
    List still being compiled   
    UPDATING TO THIS VERSION (Free for existing customers)
    The software version can be seen on the splash screen and the About dialog (in application menu, Affinity Publisher > About).
    If you’ve purchased from the Mac App Store— updates are done automatically next time you run your software after it is available in the Mac App Store. If this does not happen for you, open the Mac App Store app and go to the Updates page and then Store > Reload page or press CMD+R. This should hopefully force the update to show. Apple sometimes phase roll outs around the world which can mean it may take up to 72 hours for your update to be available.
    If you’ve purchased from the Affinity Store— each time you start the software it will check for updates and offer to download and install any available update, or in the application main menu there is an option Check for Updates. You can download the latest installer by logging into the affinity store here and find the order in your account and use the "download" button in there. Alternatively, this new release (and previous versions of Affinity Publisher for macOS) can be downloaded from this link (that installer is NOT for Mac App Store purchases and needs a product key).
    NOTE: This was originally released as 1.8.0 on the Affinity Store and the Mac App Store. Affinity Photo 1.8.0 on the Mac App Store had a permission missing that caused a problem with plugins and Affinity Designer on the Mac App Store had a single file missing causing lots of issues. Those build have been replaced with an otherwise identical 1.8.1 builds. Affinity Publisher did not have these problems, but it has been rebuilt to keep numbering systems in sync with the Mac App Store for StudioLink reasons.
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    RenWaller reacted to v_kyr in Footnotes exporting garbled   
    7-Zip (Win)
    Keka (Macs)
    ... and some common other archiver tools can open those packed files (see also related).
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    RenWaller got a reaction from LibreTraining in Footnotes exporting garbled   
    Thanks @LibreTraining! This is really great! Unfortunately, my computer doesn't know how to open these files :+/ Is there a specific program I should use?
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    RenWaller reacted to Pauls in Footnotes exporting garbled   
    Makes the PDF slightly smaller by only exporting the definitions for the charaters used. The crimson font appears to cause us problems when this is done, it's come up a few times
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    RenWaller reacted to v_kyr in Affinity Publisher Text Frames   
    If you mean with unlinking removing a connection between frames (?), just select a connection handle with the move tool, the cursor icon then changes to red connection symbol and then click on a text frame.  That removes the connection. - Moving aka dragging around on a page with the move tool?
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    RenWaller reacted to Patrick Connor in Preflight request   
    Affinity Publisher 1.8.0 should shortly introduce a new preflight-panel (which will be released in a free update if the beta testing of the feature goes well).
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    RenWaller got a reaction from maranatha91 in PDF Editor   
    Hey guys,
    I love the Affinity Suite, and I made the jump from Adobe CS4 to Affinity several months back (and am very happy I did). One thing I am still lacking though is a good PDF editor. I need one that has basic page layout functions (add/remove/rearrange pages), but also has things like OCR capability. I know this isn't technically an Affinity question, but since the forums have been super helpful in everything else, I figured I would ask fellow designers here. Any recommendations?
    Thank you!
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    RenWaller reacted to Lieven in Relinking graphics   
    It would be nice if you could relink all graphics by just relinking one.
    The program would be smart enough to see if other missing links can be found by folowing the relinked graphic file and coresponding (sub)maps on the harddisk.
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    RenWaller got a reaction from thomaso in Color Exporting Issues   
    Although, should I have it set to "assign" or "convert"? And what's the difference?
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    RenWaller got a reaction from DanM in Ability to create a template   
    I agree with the idea of creating the ability to make templates. That was definitely a go to feature for me in Indesign (INDD>INDT).
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    RenWaller got a reaction from woefi in Preflight Checklist   
    I have a multipage document with lots of text boxes. When I go to export, I get several errors such as "your table of contents is out of date," warnings of missing images, and a warning about text frame overflows.
    What I am wondering is, is there a preflight option that allows you to see what pages these errors are on?
    Thank you!
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    RenWaller reacted to Jon P in Inline In Text   
    Hi @RenWaller,
    I spotted this the other day and it's already logged and fixed internally, should (subject to testing) be fixed in the next beta we make available.
    Thanks for making sure it got reported!
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    RenWaller reacted to MikeW in Big files   
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