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  1. I wanted to hyperlink something, but couldn't so my next step was to turn to a footnote. I see there has been a lot of past discussion on hyperlinks and footnotes. Has there been any update on the progress of either of those features?
  2. RenWaller


    Thank you, Dave, I appreciate the reply.
  3. Hello, is there a way to create a selection from a path that was drawn with the pen tool in Affinity Designer? I know this can be done in Photo, but what about Designer?
  4. Thanks toltec! I appreciate that!
  5. Hello, is there a way to "convert shape" of a frame in either Publisher or Designer? I currently have the photo in a square and I would like a simple way to make it a circle. Thank you!
  6. RenWaller

    Convert Shape

    Thanks! That's very helpful :+)
  7. RenWaller

    Convert Shape

    Thanks! It does, it's not converting the shape, but it's a fairly simply workaround that I didn't think of. P.S. I love this feature
  8. RenWaller

    Vanishing Point

    Okay, thank you very much. Do you foresee this coming in a future update?
  9. Hello, Is there a way to do a soft line break in Publisher? That is, when I press 'enter' the cursor will just go to the next line without any additional spacing?
  10. RenWaller

    Soft Line Break

    Thank you, Seneca and Old Bruce. Question answered :+)
  11. Hello, A feature that I would like to see in Affinity Designer is that of a "color scheme generator" of sorts - or at least a color guide that displays color harmonies (with tints and shades of each color). This guide would let you pick a color, and then would generate colors in different categories that would go well with that color (i.e. analogous, complementary, split complementary, etc.) If this is not yet available, I think it would be really helpful. Thank you!
  12. Thank you Reglico, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Although I think it would be more user friendly if it actually showed the colors, but yes, thank you!
  13. RenWaller

    Data merge

    And another +1. Data merge (especially for .xls and .csv) would be an excellent addition to this already great program.
  14. If I am trying to create different social media graphics in one document, is there a way to only export a single page rather than all of them?
  15. RenWaller

    Export single page

    I actually just updated to the newer version of 1.7 and it's now showing. Thank you!
  16. RenWaller

    Export single page

    I'm using 1.7 on a Mac
  17. RenWaller

    Export single page

    I'm using 1.7 on a Mac
  18. RenWaller

    Export single page

    Thank you, but I'm not seeing an input field to enter the page numbers. Am I missing something?
  19. RenWaller

    Export single page

    Thank you! That's super helpful! Is there a way to select certain pages (like pages 1,2, and 5)?
  20. Hello, I am seeing that there doesn't seem to be any sort of "magic wand" tool in Designer. I would love to be able to select all the shapes that are the same color so I can quickly change them all at once (instead of tediously going in to select each one). Is this a feature you think will be in a future update? Thanks for all your work so far!
  21. Thanks! That's very helpful :+)
  22. Thank you Alain, that is also very helpful. I still think it would be helpful to have a magic wand because I work with vectors I receive from other people quite a bit. It was just a suggestion. Until (if) that tool ever is developed, I will make do. But thanks for your suggestions! Those are definitely very helpful from the pixel side.
  23. Thank you Alain, that is very helpful. However, I did not create this document, so unfortunately I would still have to apply the global color manually. Thanks for the suggestion though!
  24. Hello, I opened a PDF (that I created in Indesign) in Publisher and I'm trying to fix a few flaws upon opening to make it workable. I was able to fix the issue with the spacing between the dropcap and the rest of the word by adjusting the kerning, but it looks like there's a bug, because every time I move my mouse away from the change to try and do something else, the changes I just made revert back to the way it looks upon opening. Also, the text is split into multiple frames and the file doesn't open with all caps recorded properly, but I expect some of those discrepancies when opening a PDF. But I'm liking Publisher so far! Thanks for doing this!

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