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  1. Hello, It looks like when I try to replace a master page by dragging the new one on top of the page that still has an old one, the master is not replaced. Instead, it contains the information from both masters (and it's a pain to have to manually remove a master from each one). Super thankful for Publisher so far though!
  2. Thank you @fde101! That was super helpful!
  3. Great, thank you, I didn't see that before. However, when I change it, the spacing shifts and no dots are added. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Thank you, @joachim! I see where to make the change, but I'm not sure what do do. Would you be able to explain? I want the entry (left aligned), then the dots, then the page number (right aligned). How would I do that?
  5. Your comment just solved my problem :+) Thank you!
  6. I am having a similar issue. The entire document is formatted and has the correct styles added, but when I try to generate my Table of Contents it says "no table of contents entries found."
  7. Hello, I am trying to export two pages from my document to a PDF. I have previously done it with a similar page in the file with no problems, now it is taking several minutes. I was thinking it could be image size in the poster, but as I did it before with no problems, I don't think that's it.
  8. RenWaller

    Saving and Exporting Files

    Thanks for the info @Carl123!
  9. RenWaller

    Saving and Exporting Files

    The images themselves aren't very huge (and only 300dpi), but they are blown up to 24x36. You probably won't be able to see the whole thing because the images are linked, but it's page 1 that's giving me issues. 2204 APX - 10x Poster2.afpub
  10. I found the way to create a background grid in Affinity Publisher, but is there a way to create a 2,3,4,6 etc.-column grid adjusted for the margins?
  11. RenWaller


    That's amazing. I love Affinity, that is exactly what I was looking for!
  12. RenWaller


    Hello, I don't think this is the same problem another post, but I thought I would let you know regardless. It seems that about every time I try and place multiple files (as opposed to one at a time) in Publisher, it crashes. I am using the latest version but I think this was happening in the previous version as well. Thank you!
  13. Hey guys, I love the Affinity Suite, and I made the jump from Adobe CS4 to Affinity several months back (and am very happy I did). One thing I am still lacking though is a good PDF editor. I need one that has basic page layout functions (add/remove/rearrange pages), but also has things like OCR capability. I know this isn't technically an Affinity question, but since the forums have been super helpful in everything else, I figured I would ask fellow designers here. Any recommendations? Thank you!
  14. RenWaller

    PDF Editor

    Yeah, definitely not a fan of the UI for Studio 2018, but it seems to work for want I want it for. I have Acrobat on my other computer, but not on this one, so I need something. @atlrob, does Foxit have the ability to do impositions?
  15. RenWaller

    PDF Editor

    Hey guys, I was able to find PDF Studio which offers OCR, page layout/editing, color separations, digital signatures, impositions and more, so I'm good to go now. Thanks for all the advice! I hope this helps someone else out as well!
  16. RenWaller

    PDF Editor

    Also, another feature I'm wondering if any other programs have is "output preview." I really like being able to check out the color separations in a document to make sure all of the colors are what they're supposed to be. Does Publisher do this?
  17. RenWaller

    PDF Editor

    Thank you guys! Gerard O, no I'm not on Windows anymore. My husband, a non-artist, really wanted me to switch to Mac. So I am now a Mac user (although still have much more familiarity with Windows and often lament how I prefer many Windows features). Firstdefence, thank you! I didn't know that, and I will definitely be using that. Thank you!
  18. RenWaller

    PDF Editor

    Thanks guys, I have been using Publisher a lot lately (and loving it), but what I'm really wanting right now is something with OCR (actually so I can remake a document in Publisher). slvJoe, does Scribus do OCR? MickRose, how did you find Abbyy? What does you like about it besides the OCR?
  19. RenWaller

    Text Wrap Issue

    It looks like there is some major discrepancy when it comes to using the text wrap features. As you can see, there is supposed to be .2" of space on the left, and there is none. When I went back to try again and change it, it erased all of my settings, but the left side worked while adding space to the bottom (which was unlocked and still at 0"). When I tried to compensate for that and decrease space at the bottom (by making it a negative value), it did nothing to the bottom but changed the top instead. All of that to say, the text wrap menu needs some help and is very inconsistent. Also, I'm not sure if it''s the beta or this document (which is by no means huge), but for some reason, its is moving very slowly and it takes 5-10 minutes to do simple tasks because of the lag.
  20. RenWaller

    Thin Line along stroke

    Hello, I am using macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 on version 1.6.1 of Affinity Designer, and this problem keeps occurring. When I add a stroke to text or a shape, in between the text and the shape there is a very faint line of a different color, see the screenshot below. Unfortunately, it saves out that way too (see the attached PNG). I'm not sure if the line actually prints, but it's still a problem for web work. Is there something I can do about this?
  21. RenWaller

    Thin Line along stroke

    Thank you for your assistance.
  22. Does Designer have a "Type on a path" feature? I would like to type along the curve of a circle, and I am wondering the best way to do that. Thank you!
  23. RenWaller

    Type on a Path

    Never mind, I found out how.
  24. Hello, I am wondering how to create a Pantone swatch in Affinity Publisher. Can that be done yet?
  25. Thank you so much MikeW!

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