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  1. Hello, I am wondering how to create a Pantone swatch in Affinity Publisher. Can that be done yet?
  2. Thank you so much MikeW!
  3. I have a quick question on how to change the properties of brushes. The options to change are width, size variance, and opacity variance. When I slide the button to increase or decrease an option, the only one that I can actually see that is changing is the width. How do I actually change the size and opacity variance? Is there a video that explains this?
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    This is what I was looking for, thank you!
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    Thanks Dan! That was very helpful as far as Affinity Photo (and I'm sure I will be referencing this in the future). Is there something similar for vector brushes in Designer or Publisher (I understand Publisher is probably unlikely as it's not released yet)?
  6. I'm not sure if they've fixed the crash yet, but I just got an automatic update, and the file still won't open without crashing.
  7. Thanks Sean! Please let me know if you have any updates.
  8. Thank you Sean. I appreciate that. Is there anything I can do to fix it so I don't need to recreate the document?
  9. Thank you Old Bruce and Seneca, I would love you try your suggestion, but the document won't stay open longer than a split second. That's definitely helpful for the future though! The document is attached if you want to try opening it yourself. Branding.afpub
  10. I tried to re-download the Beta to make sure I had the latest version, and now that particular document won't even open without crashing the program.
  11. I love using template files. Especially for brochures that have common sizes or rulers for folding or for different companies that require different sizes/specs for their layouts. Unfortunately, right now, Affinity Designer will currently open an Illustrator file (which is great!), but it won't open an Illustrator template file (.ait). It would be wonderful if Designer would Have the ability to make template files in the first place and Be able to open those types of files I have already made the switch from Adobe to Affinity, but would love if this was an additional option for the Affinity suite (i.e. Publisher being able to open .indt files and create template files).
  12. That's an excellent workaround, thank you Vishnu!
  13. Hello, Is there a vanishing point/perspective feature in any of the Affinity programs?
  14. I am working on an style guide, and I want to know if I can override some of the elements that are on the master page that I have on individual pages.
  15. Oh great, thank you so much Michail, how do you do that?
  16. I am trying to add a horizontal linear gradient to my stroke. The first question I have it how do I add ball end caps to my stroke in Designer or Publisher? (I see how to change it to ball/butt/square.) I thought I saw I could do this in Designer, but now I cannot find out how. (I wanted to see if I could do it in Publisher first.) The second question I have is how do I rotate the gradient within the stroke/shape? I see how to change the type of gradient (i.e. linear, elliptical, radial, conical), but I would like a horizontal linear stroke and I can only seem to do vertical. How do I change that? Any information on how/if this can be done is helpful. Thank you!
  17. The second comment was super helpful, thank you firstdefence! Is there a way to change the stroke so that it actually has a ball/diamond/square on the end (like the image below)?
  18. Thank you MEB and ubiquity! Your comments are extremely helpful!
  19. Hello, If a bulleted line of text is longer than a single line, how do I get the beginning of the second line of text to line up with the text in the first line (after the • >>)? I do not want it to line up with the bullet, but rather with the text. If anyone can help, I would be very appreciative.
  20. Hello, I am used to Illustrator vector shapes. I am loving Affinity Designer so far, and I am committed to making this work. However, I do have a few frustrations (pretty much from not being familiar enough with the software). How do you break a curve that's part of a shape and connect the curve to another curve? (I.E. I want to make all of the bottom shapes a single shape to get rid of the space and the overlap. How would I do that?)
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    Break a path

    Thank you Pšenda, I wasn't sure where to put that. Where is the question thread?
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    Break a path

    I figured out how to add anchor points and break paths. Thanks Google!
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    Break a path

    Or how do you just add an anchor point? I can't even figure out how to do that :+/