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  1. wigglepixel

    charactering mood

    Great work! Love it
  2. Ah I see. Than I was misinderstanding the label next to the checkbox. My bad. Thanks again
  3. I'm surprised about this thread. I like both the 'old' as the new flatstyle icons. I think they are great and stylish and nothing nerdy at all, but indicate professional looking designer software. Also like the abstract lines in it to indicate what it's for, while still remaining the overal look. And the icons are easy to spot in the taskbar. I like to click on them to launch creative software! My 2cts
  4. wigglepixel

    Designer fail to load after update [240]

    Just for the record, I'm running on Win 10 here with the latest updates and the beta is loading without any issues
  5. @MEB Rightnow I'm looking in the latest Photo beta, but it looks like this 'Use shift modifier to cycle tools' is something other than what I'm talking about, so I guess we're having a misunderstanding. I'm not talking about 'cycling' through tools, but toggling a tool, so the tool goes on and off when hitting its shortcut key. So I guess my question remains: how to be able to let a hit on a shortcutkey for a tool ALWAYS activate that tool, no matter if it's activated or not, 'cause rightnow it's toggling on and off when hitting the same shortcut key. Thanks
  6. Thanks @MEB. I bumped into this some times now, so looking forward to be able to turn this behaviour off. Nice to see this is being addressed
  7. wigglepixel

    Windows 10 Themes - me & [AD] hard at work!

    Looks great. Love the minimalistic dark look. I am surprised it's even possible in win10 themes to style the controlboxes on top
  8. Does anybody here know if Affinity Designer (and Photo) are able to turn off the toggle-behaviour for tools shortcuts? Rightnow when, for example, I'm pressing the V-key Affinity toggles between the Move tool and the Rect tool (at the moment), but I'd like the V-key to always switch on the Move Tool (in this example). Is that possible?
  9. Not sure if this is what you're after, but there is a perspective tool in the toolbar (only in Photo, not there in Designer)
  10. wigglepixel


    Your piece called 'Tekst' (Dutch for text) being liked by LyricsGirl...
  11. wigglepixel

    Greek word for love

    I tried opening your file, but although using the latest version of Affiny Photo and Designer I was unable to open it. If you like other people to view your work it would help to share an image like jpg on this forum so people don't need to open the afphoto file.
  12. wigglepixel


  13. I fully agree on this. It happened to me several times I accidentally moved guides. Sometimes you don't even know for sure guides are moved, because it's hard to spot. Especially when lots of guides are next to each other and the image is zoomed out.
  14. @thomasvs In the meantime, instead of using guides you could use ordinary rectangles or shapes instead. You can snap to those too and these are easy to copy and paste to other artboards. Hope this helps