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  1. Am presuming Artificial Intelligence here rather than Adobe Illustrator :)
  2. Sorry if it appears rude to post a Google link - but I had to search online to find an answer for you, so you may as well see the information from the source to save me retyping it! :) https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=adding+fonts+to+a+mac&oq=adding+fonts+to+a+mac It's something you do in the operating system rather than in any one design program. To find fonts, consider searching for royalty free OpenType fonts or free fonts - it depends on your needs. Some well constructed and attractive fonts can be very expensive, and that may or may not be worth it for you. Some designers here can also add more useful tried and tested resources to help further. Best wishes.
  3. No Affinity Designer does not have such a tool, you'll have to use Affinity Photo for that kind of pixel wrangling. But it's OK, it's free, and documents can move between Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo with ease. There's a common file format and a saveable Undo history that works across apps. Get the free Affinity Photo beta from https://affinity.serif.com/photo.
  4. Here's the beta forum for Affinity Designer new builds (check the top pinned post for the latest): https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/15-affinity-designer-beta
  5. What's your favourite app or game changer of the year? Nominate at https://thenetawards.com!
  6. Yes Jim we'll also be proving information by email for those that have signed up to our betas (or the newsletter at https://affinity.serif.com/#newsletter) - not too often, we don't want to be spamming people. Plus we'll also be announcing important stuff here in the forums including new betas, launches, new issues of Affinity Review etc. New videos will automatically appear on Vimeo at http://vimeo.com/macaffinity. Thanks for your support. Dale.
  7. Thanks Matt - think we've established there's a little confusion coming from one of our site pages, we'll try changing it to make it clearer.
  8. I've seen quite a number of people talk about Affinity Photo beta only having a 10 day life, does it have the trial functionality baked in already? (Or is there copy somewhere that says it's for 10 days?). It's certainly not mentioned in the PR or articles I've seen, and yet I must've answered a couple of dozen tweets, facebook posts and mails on this exact subject.
  9. You could also try the beta, you can use it until your original trial period ends - it has improved SVG export... https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/4128-affinity-designer-customer-beta-1021861/
  10. They're not available to import that I know of twofourteen, but Pantone support is due to be added in a free update at some point in the future. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/842-affinity-designer-feature-roadmap/
  11. Thanks for the suggestions ronnyb, I deleted your duplicate post btw.
  12. Hi Jordan, this has been changed as you've described, you can check it out in the latest version downloadable via the beta section of the forums.
  13. Query received by email: When I pull out a shape, the live dimensions popup shows up garbled and illegible. Am seeking a little more info by email but thought it worth sharing.
  14. I like this even more than seeing it on Twitter, bigger image means more to drink in. Lovely textures make this for me.
  15. Or another simpler way, join the 3 rectangles to make one editable mask applied to a copy of one of the triangles... Test3.afdesign
  16. How about this method? The three weave regions are made using copies of one of the triangles, each has a vector mask applied. The vector masks remain editable. Dale <edit> I masked the more complex of your triangles, I could've masked the plain grey one for even easier layer structures but hopefully the naming I've applied makes it clearer anyway. Test2.afdesign
  17. How about changing how Arrange functions work in combo with locked objects in future to achieve this? Lock the cutting path object, select it and the designed object group, centre-align horizontally and vertically; the filled object group moves directly over the static cutting path.
  18. No you don't have to keep clicking those parameters for object creation, it remembers your settings, click the Synchronise defaults button at the top right to make them stick until changed.
  19. The devs will know best but I think it's just that you have many hundreds of objects, in particular I think the top Layer 1 will inflate things unnecessarily as it contains many, many lines that you cannot even see.
  20. An A5 page at 300 dots per inch makes for pixel dimensions of 2480x1748, so a few hundred KB for a JPG is reasonable. The file size differences you've reported are for 1) estimated file size of a JPG at your chosen size and quality settings 2) an .afdesign file on your hard disk, not a JPG and 3) the same .afdesign file on the web. Files on a hard disk take up numerous blocks of data so the stored file sizes can vary from system to system. And JPGs are also a very different file format to .afdesign files so those sizes will always be different however they are stored. You can resize your document to make it smaller using Document Setup, and click the Objects will: Rescale button, or you can choose smaller output sizes using the File > Export dialog. For on-screen use, e.g. sharing online, the same A5 document at 96 dots per inch is only 794x559 pixels, so a JPG of that would be smaller than the 926KB you mentioned. However, I think the gradient fills you've used don't compress very well, so the lower res JPG file isn't as small as you might expect despite having far fewer pixels.
  21. I hadn't read that bit, d'oh. Yes, what Ben said!
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