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  1. If anyone can pass any sage advice on how to logically start this learning process please feel free to pass it along. For example are there tutorials that start with the most fundamental actions like how to open a project and onward into infinity?


    Thanks everyone. This really looks like a great product and I want to use it to the fullest but I really need to start at ground level. Gal


    Hi Gal, welcome. Yes there are a few tutorials that focus on the basics, they're at the beginning of the list on this page:


    Affinity Photo videos on Vimeo


    Best wishes, Dale.

  2. Nonononono, no. I’m not going to let this excuse count. That’s only if you don’t know how to use it to its fullest potential. But I can understand that given that you people are probably professional software developers but not professional web developers.


    Just guessing but to me that looks like a simple JavaScript issue that when the blog item is the “current page”, clicking on it will prevent the item from reloading the page. The only thing that’s needed it a modification of that particular part of the script. That doesn’t even have anything to do with Wordpress itself.


    Edit: There, I’m doing the work for you. It’s in /static/js/script.min.js – the script is minified so I can’t give a specific line number but with a simple search for “data-active-page” you’ll find the offending part:


    The simplest solution would be to just remove the t.preventDefault() function. This will cause the link to reload the current page on click but that’s a very minor annoyance, if any, in my opinion. It will make the blog link work properly, though.



    Well, while I like that you're engaged with this issue, I don't think it's fair to say that our people do not include professional web developers. The Affinity web developers felt similarly. 


    A fix was not deemed urgent before as there are workarounds and also muuuch bigger changes on the way, but since you raised it the guys are rolling out a fix. It's a change in the WordPress theme, not the suggested edit to the javascript that would have had consequences across the website.

  3. Hi folks, as this giveaway has now ended I'm locking the thread. Thank you to all participants and congratulations to the iPad Pro winner - I wish you all good luck for future giveaways and competitions.


    Here's a little reminder of the other free stuff we made available in December as a thank you to our customers for a fantastic 2015!



    Best wishes, Dale.

  4. Another 'problem' on the Affinity site.


    When you're viewing a single blog post, you can't navigate to the blog index page via the menu on the top right side.


    Give it a try. Visit this link and after that you click on BLOG in the main menu.


    Yep, annoying, at the moment it takes a click on the Affinity logo first. We're working on it, WordPress has limits!

  5. I started again. 


    I added the two images, and clicked stitch panorama. 


    It did this, and a little thumbnail with the stitched image appeared. 


    My only option at that point was OK, which I clicked. 


    A full size image showed, with the inpainting tool at the top of the menu bar. (I had had that selected before starting the process)


    I clicked apply, and nothing happened. The areas around the panorama were not inpainted. 


    However the inpainting tool disappeared from above the image, and reappeared at the menu on the side. A range of other icons appeared at the top of the image. 


    Did I miss some step, or do something else wrong?


    Thanks very much for your help




    I think you missed a step, Don, as in the tutorial James also clicked the Crop tool, and clicked the Inpainting tool before clicking Apply.


    Cropping with that tool selected does the inpainting automatically. If you want you can select the Inpainting tool as you have done and then brush on the transparent regions to fill in, and just click Apply when you are happy with the panorama. As MEB said after you click Apply the panorama is rendered and you're taken from the Panorama persona to the Photo persona, which contains all the normal image editing tools you'd expect in a full app.


    BTW, you don't have to inpaint, you can crop away the blank regions quickly by selecting the Crop tool and clicking Crop to opaque in the context toolbar.



  6. Hi ERK, there might be more detail to follow from people who know more than me, but the bosses have publicly said that there'll be free updates for at least 2 years after launch. While that means about a year from now for Affinity Designer, it doesn't mean that we'll cut users off cold turkey—the apps will continue to work after we stop adding major new features. It's not mandatory to buy new versions, your spend on Affinity Designer today will serve you well for a long period of time if you do not want to invest further. 


    While you might only get amazing new updates (check how much we added in v1.4) for about a year, you do also benefit from a great starting point that already has an extra year of development behind it.


    Consider the cup half full; Affinity Designer is 5-star rated, App Store Editors' Choice, featured as a Best of 2014 app, won an Apple Design Award, it has a huge range of features added since winning much of that prestige, still has lots more major free updates to come, and will continue working for a number of years. There's no subscription, no obligation to spend more, and right now it's under US$40. Similar can be said for Affinity Photo except it came out the gate even more fully formed, has grown incredibly in its first 5 months with high quality new features, has just been named App of the Year 2015, and will continue to grow with more feature-rich free updates for at least 18 months.


    Upgrade pricing is a tough thing to call as the Mac App Store doesn't offer upgrades, so it's something we considered when choosing the low price for our apps and is something Apple probably intended when they set their policy, to drive low pricing. The apps need to represent great value on their own and future versions will have the same expectations.


    I hope that helps: if I can't convince you that a major award winning pro-level creative app is not good value at $40, with class-leading new features being added for a year or so, and an app life much longer than that, then I may have to take some time off. I appreciate you taking the care to look forwards past your nose and that this is not an impulse buy, of course—you do not want to experience the issue where a $40 spend today would only give you short term benefits, but that won't be the case. Serif's been around for almost 30 years and wants to be around for that long again so we're not only innovating in development but want to deliver a good customer experience all round too!


    Apologies if I've rambled. Dale.

  7. Hi,


    I just downloaded affinity v1.4 from the app store . The price listed was at a 20% discount in Australia which comes to $62.99.


    The issue is that I didn't get charged for the app ? It downloaded and it opens. I have not played around yet, but I am concerned.


    How do I pay  as I don't some message in a few weeks time saying I need to pay and the 20% is no longer available  ?


    Thanks in advance, Solo


    Hi there, I think I replied to you yesterday by email. You will have bought the app if you got it from the App Store, as the free trial is only available from our website. You can check your purchases in the Mac App Store, just fire it up and look at the Purchased page.


    HTH, Dale.

  8. Yeah, I know. I had second thoughts about it for a second (haha), but I figured it would be for a legitimate cause. Whoever is too cheap to buy Affinity software and is willing to go through these lengths on a regular basis won’t ever be a customer anyway.


    As a matter of fact, just recently I read a blog post by Urban Games, a small independent game studio, about selling DRM-free games and piracy. They believe that sales wouldn’t automatically go up and piracy down if they sold only games with DRM. So, I don’t think that knowing how to overcome the trial check will seriously decrease revenue in the long run.


    It's OK Stephan, if it became an issue the posts would vanish; no harm no foul.

  9. ---------------------------------------------




    This thread was originally about 1.4 updates in December 2015. The team have now also released 1.4.1 updates on Jan 20th 2016, incremental patches to squash some bugs—visit your App Store to update now!


    Read a little more about 1.4.1 updates.






    Hi all


    As many of you will know after seeing numerous beta versions over the last few months, our dev team have been working very hard and we're delighted to share the fruit of their labour with everyone! Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo both have new 1.4 updates available now in the Mac App Store, free to existing customers!


    And to celebrate these updates, both apps are now on a 20% discount offer to entice new customers, bringing the normal price of US$49.99/€49.99/£39.99 down to US$39.99/€39.99/£29.99 for one week, ending December 15th. Here's a little taste of what's new in both apps...

    • Full support for DCI-P3 extended gamut iMac displays
    • Pro printing including PDF/X and Pantone support
    • Custom keyboard shortcuts
    • More languages

    And a look at what's in Affinity Photo:

    • Six extensions for Apple Photos on El Capitan
    • Pro image stitching in new Panorama persona
    • Live image stacks

    And Affinity Designer:

    • Artboards!
    • Custom rotation centre
    We've packed in plenty more too, more than some devs would add in paid upgrades :) There is also improved PSD compatibility, updated RAW support, improved typography, Split Screen on El Cap, workflow and performance improvements—all across both apps.


    Visit your Mac App Store update page to get your hands on the good stuff and see what else has been added in the 1.4.1 incremental updates.


    As always there is useful info on the Mac App Store pages for Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and you can check out the overview videos on our blog. Thanks guys, you've knocked it out the park yet again!


    Thanks for reading, Dale.

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