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  1. hi. I have problem with exporting highres(tiffs) and preview (jpeg) format in affinity photo. I tried it several times but maybe Im stupid or what. How is possible that tiff format from affinity is 100mb but exactly same photo from photoshop is around 350mb - without layers, the size is so big because of 50Mpx digital back. The question is how you exporting to tiff or to the jpeg in Affinity? Always when I export it the middle tones and also the tonal range is damage. With tiff format (adobe RGB) is less visible but in jpeg (resized to 1260pxX... profile sRGB) its horrible. Also affinity developers speak about possibility to export in PSD. Ok but have you ever tried to open in photoshop? I had always problem with missing opacity of layer, different colour rendering (for example in affinity you have to make more dramatic change to fix color than in PS and after if you open in PS its crazy - i attached them)... thanks for your help...
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