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  1. Yeah I think that’s where my major issue came. The crashing started happening after I did that. I brought it into illustrator to test it, did some edits , then exported it asEPS brought it back into affinity desktop converted it to an Affinity file then back on the iPad. After that it was crash city. I think I’m going to start over and try to minimize my nodes. But what do I do about rasterized vector elements upon export ? I can’t have any rastered items at all. If transparent items raterize then isn’t that worthless to have as an option when it comes to anything that needs to be exported for print ?
  2. Owenr- yes. That is what I did. I was having troubles exporting with SVG and EPS formats. I needed to know that I can export this file without rasterizing issues as I am designing this to be printed as a large scale mural. The “vector” brushes do not export as vector . They raterize upon export. Also anything transparent rasterizes when exporting via EPS. SVG can not export CMYK colors so that’s out. I ended up switching to RGB colors just to get an export that didn’t raterize parts of the design. I’m sure I’m doing this all wrong. What I’m confused on is if this is a vector program with vector brushes why do they rasterize upon export? Seems like it shouldn’t be called a vector brush then. As for having too many nodes, since the brushes don’t actually make a clean, crisp , pointed line at the end , and Affinity doesn’t offer an eraser or a brush that makes crisp clean pointed lines like say the technical pen in procreate , I have to use more lines to cut the line back to create the crisp line I’m looking for. Also if I fill the shapes with the fill tool upon export the color is lost when I go to open it in other programs to print. I understand vector is different than normal drawing programs such as procreate but affinity works different from other vector programs I’ve used. I’m sure I just need to learn more but it’s hard to learn when no one I know has even heard of affinity designer. So when I explain what’s going on they just look at me like a deer in headlights and tell me to get Illustrator.
  3. Download link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/slz4q35lvv025vh/vo mural fenced yard.afdesign?dl=0
  4. I’m having issues of constant crashing on IOS. This is making me lose progress every time it crashes. The program crashes so often , probably after 5-10 seconds of work but sometimes up to a few minutes. Not sure what’s happening. I tried to upload my file but the forum kept failing upon download . Please help. I’m new to vector so maybe I’m doing something wrong. Running 9.7” iPad Pro Thank you, Joseph

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