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  1. D-Heywood

    Node Tool Accuracy

    +1 I find it especially a problem when selecting multiple nodes at once, when it is even more prone to grab the handle instead of the node. Zooming in, whether selecting one node or multiple, does help, but it should not require zooming in to avoid the handle. Perhaps an option to turn handle selection off? And perhaps a modifier key to enable the handle selecting to turn on again while the modifier key is being pressed? Or perhaps the modifier key forces the selection of the handle instead of the node?
  2. When a Layer Effect of Outer Shadow is used, and the Artboard is flipped horizontally, the shadow effect does not flip too. Not sure if there are instances where this is the desired behavior, but my preference is to have the effect flip with the flipped Artboard.
  3. Regarding my comment about Unlinked Attributes: Transform/Constraints: Wasn't sure what it means for sure, but pointed it out, since I was not sure if it was an issue. The other issues I pointed out though do seem to be bugs. I edited my post above to convey that the issue with bloated file size when copying is when a symbol of a photo is duplicated via copy and paste (Command-C and then Command V).
  4. Bug still present: v.1.6.3 (Mac) — Or, perhaps just a variation of the bug. When a photo is made into a symbol, and I replace the photo with another photo (deleting the first photo), the file size jumped from 64 MB to 127.9 MB. Each new instance of the altered symbol that is dragged from the symbol studio onto the artboard adds only about 0.1 MB, so the behavior seems to become "correct" after replacing the photo, but the initial jump in file size—from 64 MB to 127.9 MB—is unexpected. Related buggy behavior: The symbol containing the photo must be dragged from the symbol studio and placed on the workspace, or be duplicated with Command-J after first selecting the symbol in the layers palette. The bug arises if you copy and paste the symbol with Command-C and Command-V (instead of dragging it from the symbol studio or using Command-J)—in this case the file size bloats quickly. In my case, these copy and pasted symbols lead to the file being over 400 MB when only four copied instances of the symbol were present. The copy and pasted instances of the symbol are still marked as a symbol, and changes made to the adjustment layers that I have in the symbol affect all the instances of the symbol—it is just that the file bloats to a large size. Also, when a photo is made into a symbol, it is immediately marked as having Unlinked Attributes: Transform/Constraints.
  5. I am experiencing the same issue, but in 1.6.3 (Mac). Ballpark estimate for when it could be fixed by?