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  1. Hi gdenby, Thanks for your reply. I understand that this feature is not solved in AD yet because it's a young app. Robofont can export several file formats: - ufo for Robofont source file - otf, ttf, postscript... for generated typeface files - test install, that is a temporary file that can be used to test a typeface without generating anything So far I'm using the test install thing on AD, and then, as you mentionned, turned the letterforms into curves. It would be great if this can be solved as in Illustrator for a next update
  2. Hello, I'm working on glyphs drawn first using Robofont, which is a type design app. Each letters and characters are displayed as Bezier curves, which are in the app text files. I could copy paste shapes from Robofont directly into Illustrator and it keeps the shapes as vectors, but once I copy and paste the vectors from Robofont into Affinity Designer, it seems to turn the curves into text informations that I can't do anything with... Is there a way to make this work? Thank you for your help