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  1. Panana

    No CR3 support yet

    I can see the canon 90d raw files on my iPad and open and edit in dpp expres , and only then move over to affinity
  2. Panana

    No CR3 support yet

    Any updates on when the Canon 90D raw files will be available on Affinity photo ipad
  3. Hi Chris B ,thank you it looks like it is the problem. On 100% view, it still gives me the same problem but on 200% the eyes stays tack sharp. The 200% just very unpractical to work with. I hope it can be fixed, because I haven’t experienced it pre 1,7
  4. Thank you for the reply. I am using the Ipad pro 2nd generation 12,9 i ch , 256 and the latest ios update , I am only using Affinity photo on it and like I mentioned before no issues on the pre 1,7 Affinity versions
  5. DM1 , I am also using unsharp mask. But it is as if the live filter rendering process is crashing. When you look closely at the attached video. The eyes will be sharp for a spit second and the there is a slight blur and it wil only go away once when you merge down the layers. The same with high pass filter ( overlay, soft , hard, linear light). And it only started on the Affinity 1,7 update, and the same is happening on the Beta version 8EF24B30-B87A-448E-8DF2-2E69C1D36EAB.MP4
  6. Hi DM1 , thank you for the reply, but you can use Overlay, linear light , soft ligh and hard light for high pass filter. Ive used overlay for the las 18months on the old version of Affinity photo without any issues. The problem only occur since the update to 1,7 and then also on the Beta version
  7. Hi. I am using the beta photo version. On ipad pro latest upate. When using the high pass filter you can’t see the fulle effect of the filter unless you merge it down and the it is not non-destructive anymore and it is also difficult to do any selective sharpening with the layer mask because you cant see the full effect. See attached video. It is only when you merge down when you the eyes is at their sharpest and crisp 52ED2BC7-0E1C-48BE-AC6C-315896FC70BB.MP4
  8. I am using raw, do the basic adjustments in development persona. I am doing a lot of sport photography and it is luckily quiet now during school holidays. But I need Affinity to be fully operational for July and August when I have a full schedule of events
  9. What ipad are you using , do you think i must uninstall the app and reinstall it again
  10. I am setting it to overlay, and it is the same method that I am using for the last 18months on Affinity Photo and it worked perfectly on version 1.69 and earlier versions. You can use hard light, soft light and linear light. I have just tried it now with linear light and experienced the exact same problem where you can only see the full efect of the filter once merging down or export.
  11. Hi Chris B. I am attaching a video to show that you can’t see the live filter effect ,in this video, it is high pass filter on the 1,7.1 update , I’ve experienced the same problem on the 1.7 version. You can only see it once merging down or export the photo. My first try making the video everything crashed when i’ve tried to merge it. Everything worked perfect on the 1.69 version. I am using Ipad Pro 2nd and latest ios update FE1224D4-BCDF-4950-BCC0-DC7FDAAE4F93.MP4
  12. I am also having the same speed issue. It is slightly better than the 1.7 version. I am using iPad Pro 2nd but the processing of the live filters is so slow or crash.. the 1.6 version didn’t have any issues
  13. Hallo , how do you download the affinity photo beta version on your ipad
  14. Thank you for everyone’s assistance and input. I think I know what the problem is but not sure how to explain it. It got something to do with the rendering performance of Affinity photo and hopefully Affinity photo will be able to assist. If I apply the high pass filter like all the methods above the “before “ Is sharper than the” after” , without me merging any layers, however when I export that slight blurry “ after” photo, it shows perfect sharp and the high pass filter applied. It got something to do with metal accelerator performance

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