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  1. On 1/18/2019 at 7:34 PM, AlunR said:

    What bike do you ride Boo?

    Kawasaki VN900 at the moment, for the last 3 years.

    Had a VFR800 VTEC before that, a GPZ500 before that and a Yamaha YZF R125 was my first bike :)

  2. 3 hours ago, Alfred said:

    Shouldn’t the yellow flash be in the corner where the flashgun is, rather than the middle of the lens? Just asking!

    I think the Bauhaus text works well here.

    I considered it, but decided that it got too hidden in amongst the flash.

  3. 13 hours ago, GarryP said:

    In the UK we have 'plates' (stickers) that people put on their cars to denote which kind of driver they are: A red "L" for a Learner - someone who has not yet passed their driving test - and a green "P" for Probationary (used to be called Provisional) for someone who has just passed their test and wants to tell other drivers to be aware of that fact.
    Because of this, the "Wheel Power" graphic seems to indicate - to me at least - that someone is almost ready to take their test. Is this what was intended? I only ask as it wasn't clear to me what it was for, if it was 'for' anything at all that is. Just curious.

    I'm from the UK too =) it's meant to represent that they will be ready to pass.

  4. On 11/25/2018 at 10:56 PM, gdenby said:

    Hello, again,

    Good work. Coming right along. 1 critique. Shift the transition line between the black and the grey so it is at the center of the orange indicator.

    Good point! Either that or I might just move the needle up slightly to match and adjust angles.

  5. Some of my latest work, I feel I am getting a lot better and designed my own logo too!


    Recently fallen (more so than before but from an artists perspective now I suppose?) for isometric Vector art, I'll share some of that soon too.


    And yes, the minion needs legs...

    Boolean Games v2 orange bg.png


    Wheel Power Logo 2nd Draft.png

    Boolean Games v2 blue bg.png

  6. Hello,


    I decided to get a bit of practice and remade the company that I work for's logo in Affinity Designer.


    However when exporting the PNG, I get strange green artifacts around the top and bottom of the image. (I have a personal hatred for JPEGs because they lose quality every time they are saved).


    I got the shape from importing an existing image and drawing a curve over the top in a new layer if it makes any difference.


    I can confirm that the artifacts do not appear in the afdesign files and it appears no matter the background colour (not that I expected it to change).



    Capture Pink.PNG

    Capture Red.PNG

    Capture W Red.PNG

  7. Hi all,


    I'm Greg, and I run a game development company called Boolean Games.


    Always liked the Vector art style, so thought I'd give it a go myself. Initially tried Illustrator but disliked the pricing etc, currently on a trial with Affinity so far but I really like it so I'll end up buying it :)


    This is roughly the level that I'm at but the inspiration was my 2 year old daughter and a possible design for the feature wall in her newly decorated bedroom.