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  1. To your point, Krita definitely seems worth exploring. Just wanted to share my interest to see Affinity Photo supported on Linux, no need to read more into it.
  2. I read a bit through the thread and a nice condensed re-cap on the absurdity of this situation felt due. I don't think you will hear this request too many times honestly. You guys should really just fill that void. All that being said, one can only respect someone else's decision.
  3. Sorry, I could not read all answers in detail but I wanted to point that you may not be aware that there is an industry called VFX, encompassing studios like ILM, Weta, Method, Disney, or Pixar. Those represent thousand of artist boxes all running on Linux with fully licensed software and who had to suffer for a decade with Gimp, Windows VMs or Dual Boots when willing to edit an image. These companies would certainly be delighted to purchase a large amount of Affinity Photo licenses to solve their problem. Just to clarify, organizations like those work with a high level of security and are gen
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