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  1. DaveHoskins

    SaveAs or export fails on C: drive

    I'm a little curious to know why other software can export to the desktop fine...like the free 'Audacity' and how did other software seemingly automatically add themselved to the ''Allow Access" list?
  2. DaveHoskins

    SaveAs or export fails on C: drive

    Yep, that got it! Bring on the Ransom Ware! Bloody Microdivs, why protect the bloody desktop? They won't be happy until it's all wrapped up in the neat little walled garden like Apple! [rant/moan/winge/cry] And why not say that's the issue instead of crazy 'file not found' on a save? A little bit obfuscated for fun is it? LOL.
  3. If I go to save it states 'file not found' even though I'm saving! I have the same problem with the latest 'Designer', it's real pain because some times I want to export things to the desktop, but it doesn't let me:- For example: Note the 'Save As' This only happens with my C: drive, it always worked with 1.65
  4. How do I change directory? It doesn’t give me a choice.
  5. The whole thing was blooming strange to be honest!
  6. I just used the product code for 1.7 that I got from those setup logs- {A1BDC1C9-F2B1-40CB-9326-415C56A60B81} And it worked perfectly. It takes a few minutes mind. Thank-you so much, the world is all shiny again!! Dave H.
  7. Hey thanks for doing this on a Sunday! It appears that product code was wrong:-
  8. This is from trying 1.7 again.... There error in it is... Setup.log SetupUI.log
  9. DOH! OK give me a minute...
  10. A thin blue line slides quickly to the right until it gets nearly halfway, then it stops and displays the failed text immediately.
  11. I've just found a backup of installer, it comes up with two questions * Repair & Uninstall. It fails at both. Ran as Administrator.
  12. There is longer a 1.6.5 download available.
  13. Thanks for some help... I've tried rebooting and running as Admin. It's usually the first thing I try. Also included setup logs from my last try today... Setup.log SetupUI.log
  14. Thanks for the reply, Affinity photo does not show up in that program, I suspect because I deleted all the Registry references to it so I could do a fresh install - which didn't work as I explained. How do I do a fresh install, please? What do I delete, so the computer thinks it's never seen it before? Otherwise I've wasted my money on something that I can't use, which is a shame because I really like Aff. Photo. My only choice would be go back to *gulp*.. Gimp! And don't want to do that.
  15. I've deleted everything I can find in the registry about 'affinity' and 'photo' and it still thinks it needs an 'update' rather than a fresh install, how do I force a re-install? Thanks.

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