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  1. Hello - I have Affinity Photo V1.6.5.123 … I'm getting tired of using the mouse to edit pictures and layers, etc. Can anyone recommend an external brush tool or sketchpad device that will integrate with Affinity Photo ? Thanks in advance … Cuttysark
  2. Cuttysark

    Affinity Photo Workbook

    Hello AndyC - thank you for your feedback. I will send any further examples as I read & learn the workbook. Joe W.
  3. Hello - I have the Affinity Photo Workbook (ISBN # 13:978--1-909581-05-0). The index in the back of the book has many errors pointing to incorrect pages depending on the topic. For example, VIGNETTE … The Index points to P.204. But on P.204 the topic is "Making edge detail pop", & "Tonal adjustments and finishing". The Vignette topic is actually on P.166. There are many other index errors, too many to list here. Is there a correction in place, such as a PDF file listing the indexes properly annotated? Thanks\Joe W.
  4. Can I install Affinity Photo on my Desktop (where I will be doing most of my work), and my laptop (which I will use when attending my photography club meeting once a month) without violating any licensing? For the initial cost of the software ($49) can I install it on both devices?

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