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  1. I'm unable to crop or transform using the mouse or wacom tablet(nothing happen). Also brush tool or other tools don't follow mouse movement. I'm using version 1.7 of Affinity photo. I did update to 1.7.1 and same problem. I did restart my computer and it solved the problem.
  2. I've imported RAW photo into affinity photo. The colors are what they should be. Then I export photo in jpg format at maximum quality. The resulting colors are not accurate. What is the problem? I got the same result exporting as TIFF format. The software I'm using for viewing the photo is not the problem. Can you help?
  3. It is a Dell U2410. It has been hardware calibrated using i1 display pro. My last thought:, I think Affinity photo is very accurate but for an unknown reason some software I use can't produce accurate color (too much saturated) from photo that has been exported with Affinity using sRGB profile. Thank you for your help.
  4. I will try I get this message when I try to upload photo "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200"
  5. Can you tell me why a have this message when I try to upload a photo? "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200"
  6. This is not exactly what is on my screen but it is only to show you the difference between the two. The wrong one is left.
  7. The left is sRGB and the right is adobe RGB
  8. I don't know why but I can't download anyfile here.
  9. I don't totally agree with you. I agree that I don't have much control over how it look to other people viewing that web page. But I don't agree that it has nothing to do with Affinity. Here is my thought: - the original jpg look fine every place I publish it (flickr or facebook). If I export the RAW file with Affinity using adobe RGB profile, photo looks accurate every where (flickr, facebook or if I open it with ON1 Photo Raw, Nikon view NX-i, FastStone viewer, etc) but if I export the RAW file with Affinity using sRGB profile photo don't have accurate color anywhere except if I reload it inside Affinity or Photoshop. So maybe there is something missing in the exif file? Sorry for my english, It's not usual for me. Edit: The exported sJPG file look more saturated then the exported adobe RGB file!
  10. It is very strange. All the photo have accurate color using AFFINITY. It is the same if I use photoshop. But if I use FASTSTONE image viewer for example, all photo have accurate color except the one exported with AFFINITY using sRGB profile (the last one). Same thing with ON1 PHOTO RAW or if I upload the photo to flickr web site. Can you try open my jpg with other software?
  11. The problem I have is that the result, when exporting using sRGB profile, are not accurate and not acceptable to me. The imported RAW photo in AFFINITY is fine and is the same as the original jpg (out of the camera, because I shoot RAW and jpg using adobe RBG profile)`. Here is an example of a photo exported with ADOBE RGB profile selected and the other one using sRGB profile There is to much difference between the them. I'm unable to upload yhe photos.
  12. Good point ... I did a test and effectively, if I choose ADOBE RGB (1998) as the export profile(in the "export window" as you suggest) the colors of the photo are accurate. It means that the color profile that I choose at the moment of taking the photo is important even if it is a raw file. And I have to choose the same profile when exporting photo. Thank you R C-R
  13. I know that but how come the exported jpg as the wrong color.
  14. OK Gabriel, the photo is in dropbox. The only thing I did to the RAW file is cropping it.
  15. OK Gabriel, the photo is in dropbox. The only thing I did to the RAW file is cropping it.
  16. I did some test and found this: - the color profile in the camera is set to ADOBE RGB (1998) The RGB color profile in the color profile of preference panel of AFFINITY was set to "sRGBIEC1966-2.1", the export jpg photo don't have the correct colors. If I change the RGB color profile to "ADOBE RGB(1988)" in the color setting of the preference panel of AFFINITY PHOTO, before uploading the RAW file then the exported jpg file is as per the original. Does it means that AFFINITY does not detect the proper color profile of the photo when uploading it even if it looks OK?
  17. I got a Nikon D810 and I use Nikon VIEW NX-i to look at the photo. I also have the original jpg photo directly from the camera. When I open the RAW file with AFFINITY PHOTO, the colors are the same. But if I export the photo using AFFINITY, the colors are not the same. Gabriel, the RAW file is to large to attach it.

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