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  1. I'll add my support for this, i.e. for Export to PDF > Booklet without going through a print dialogue. Rather than printing straight from Publisher, I need to be able to create a 60-page magazine in PDF format and email it to a professional print shop. I can currently do so easily in Serif PagePlus X9. The A4 double spread (two A5 pages on A4 landscape) emerges with pages in the correct sequence for printing and can be proofread on-screen as a PDF before it is sent away to be printed. This would be my most hoped-for export feature.
  2. Well, well. Problem is, when I try to use this method to produce a printable PDF, I have to turn my head anti-clockwise through 90ยบ to proof read the document on screen!
  3. (@captain_slocum) If I understand you correctly, you say the create booklet export/print function "works fine in AP". I can't find it. Is it hidden in a menu somewhere?
  4. Does anyone know whether it is possible to install a copy of Affinity Photo on a detachable hard drive and to run it on a Windows 10 networked computer from there? I would like to be able to run the software occasionally on a networked computer without having it installed on the network as a whole. The reason for not simply installing it on the computer's C: drive is that a different computer might have to be used each time (education setting, same classrooms not always available). The reason for not installing it on the network (the obvious option) : the school is not willing to pay for the network license.
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