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  1. I wish I could My trial version expired.  I can't get back into the app to see any settings. I was just trying it on a .NEF Nikon RAW file I developed.  It would to in in both the develop and photo personna if I remember correctly.  However, I didn't go and change anything in the preferences. As for my laptop, I am running the latest Windows 10 and the resolution of y screen  1920x1080 with the size at the recommended 125% for scaleing.  I saw on anther post that the DPI scaling could cause some issues and was going to try t change that  to see if it helped. Is there a way to get another trial period, as I don't want to buy if my computer isn't up to speed.  

  2. I have the trial installed on my Lenovo Ideapad 500 and am seeing a significant lag when using the selection brush tool.  I have 16GB RAM but an AMD A10 processor so not sure if that’s the reason. Is there a better setting I should have somewhere? I also notice it’s hard to use the gradient tool due to lag as well. Just curious if I’m the only one wi5 this problem before I go and buy the software. 


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